Mai TT Finds Sympathiser(s)
7 March 2023
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By- Debt-troubled comedian and socialite Mai TT has found some sympathisers.

One of the sympathisers is a beautician and script-writer Joey Nyikadzino, who says Mai TT is an unfortunate woman who just falls for the wrong men.

Nyikadzino has taken to her social media accounts to help the comedienne after she was arrested for fraud.

Nyikadzino created bank accounts where well-wishers can send money.

She posted a long thread explaining how heart-breaking she was after finding out Mai TT was facing fraud charges.

“Cat Family ngatibvisei at least US$1 each to help Mai TT settle her debts.

“She never lived a fake life.

“She is one woman who worked hard for her money.

“She empowered women, took care of orphans, helped the needy, helped abused women.

“The list is endless, I also learnt from her that despite her temper she has a good heart.

“She is just unfortunate she falls for the wrong people, men choose her to use her, she is misunderstood because she is vocal.”

She added: “She stands for herself and fights for her beliefs.

“I will stand with her through it all because I have walked in her path.

“Everything we are doing right now as women is not for her own benefit but for other women who need reimbursement and we are doing it with no regrets,” she said.