ARTUZ Statement on the Al Jazeera Documentary
24 March 2023
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The union notes with great concern the grave and dirty acts of corruption being done by affiliates of the regime . People with access to power are using their access to bleed this country of its mineral wealth. We are basically hit by the crisis of plenty or what we call the resource curse .

What worries us the most is that foreigners are the chief patrons of these criminal activities. For far too long we have been accused to be stooges / puppets and paid pundits of the west . We have been accused of tainting the country’s image when speak truth on these matters.

We are even shocked that some praise singers of the regime have been calling the Golgate a creative way to sustain the economy. We are aware of the history of how the US funded the war in Nicaragua . It is purported by many that they used illicit means to do so , illicit means that destroyed the American society and furthered more harm across the world.

So when we do a historical audit of the regime’s behavior today we see that they are no different. The country loses US 100 million per month in corruption alone . All this money goes to private pockets while the working class remains poor earning paltry wages.

With our colleagues from #Teachers4USD movement we jointly pointed out that government has more than one source of revenue to finance education and pay salaries in USD and the documentary has proven us right.

It is now clear that our struggle is not just against slave wages but against corruption, rogue elites and international financial crimes. Our plight is caused by lack of integrity and criminality of political elites.

It is therefore right that our comrades in the working class and specifically in the education sector join the revolution . There is no other way.

We encourage, all teachers to register to vote . We also make it clear that the money is there to pay us and we demand our dues . In light of that we remain incapacitated and reject the offer made by government a few days ago . There is no justification for their budgetary considerations when they allow money to be siphoned out every day through corruption.