Zanu PF Readies For Polls While CCC Remains In Deep Slumber
24 March 2023
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By Dr Masimba Mavaza- As Zimbabwe prepares for the harmonised elections, Zanu PF President Emmerson is on the ground campaigning for his party and his members of Parliament while CCC leader Nelson Chamisa is campaigning for himself.
The allegations by CCC and their president that the 2023 harmonised elections will be rigged are the most insincere and inflammatory lies, given that they are not preparing themselves for these polls.

For a start and speaking about rigging, CCC is a very vunerable victim of rigging. It’s predecessor was rigged by Chamisa. This is a party that was conceived on dishonesty and it is a party whose existence is a product of a mighty big deception.

If CCC wants to speak about riggong, it is because it lives and breathes the pain of rigging. Its president Chamisa designed agsinst it a structural and organic system of rigging from which the party cannot extricate itself.

Deep in that structure of systemic rigging is the lack of constitution and constitutionalism. This lack is by design. It ensures that there is no compass, no moral background, no identifiable principle, no code of conduct, no standard of behaviour. There is nothing to höld Chamisa to account by. This is a classic act of rigging. CCC must be living in agonised pain over this. Being led by a highly organised criminal.

The party has not had a congress to elect its leadership. The so-called coalition of citizens iis actually a mockery of forced citizens.

A party without an elected leader and without a shadow cabinet, run by a man who claims to have personally inherited it from the late Morgan Tswangirayi has the shameless audacity to talk about rigging.

CCC is mud-slinging. It refers to rigging without evidencing anything. Mere assertions are no proof of anything.

The CCC is unparalled in being the only political party ( if we may call it such) in the world which is lawyer-heavy at the top. All these lawywes should know better than make unsubstantiated allegations. Such lies are culculated to disuade people from voting.

The timing of the allegations of rigging is telling. Since 2000 this party waits until it is a few months from elections and then cry about rigging. After the elections they do nothing other than talk down their own country. If CCC was genuine, it would have used its presence in Parliament to bring a motion about suggested legislation changes. No such motion had been moved. This tells you that deep down CCC knows that our electoral system us good.

Allegations about rigging are designed to discredit our electoral system as CCC stares at the face of electoral defeat. They are laying the foundations of appalling excuses and finger-pointing after the electoral rejects them.

The reasons for their rejection will be simple. They are run by an unelected demagogue. They have no alternative programme of action. The only thing they stand for are sanctions. Instead of telling the nation what it would do to affect their lives, CCC is subtly telling the nation that it will throw the toy out of the prem and cause national turmoil if it loses elections.

We refuse to go to elections with a gun behind our heads.

As stated, CCC is run by a bunch of lawyers but has done nothng in Parliament to initiate any legislation. Instead they have concentrated on gymics that generate social media trending. CCC must grow up. They are i mature in opposing they will be immature in governing , if they win.
As we have seen from the Zimbabwe’s political party it is easier for any one to create self pity and rob Zimbabwe of its freedom.
They are sworn to be permanent opposition so they will oppose anything anywhere anyway anytime. Such is the priority of the CCC.
ZANU PF. Is busy campaigning for their MPs yet CCC is campaigning for their president. When they lose the coming elections they have no person to blame.