Musician Apologizes For Failing Zimbabweans
7 April 2023
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By A Correspondent| Zimbabwean musician Sanii Makhalima has publicly apologized to his family for not using his fame and fortune to better the lives of his fellow countrymen.

Makhalima, who has been in the music industry for several years, said he had been aware of the issues facing the people of Zimbabwe but had stayed in a corner and believed that someone else would take action. However, he now understands the power of fame and fortune and wants to use it for the greater good.

“Before I was aware of our issues as a people but had always stayed in a corner and believed someone else would do it. However, my concience has not let me rest and my spirit has had this gnawing like feeling for a while. Please forgive me as I had never really understood the power of fame and fortune,”

Makhalima said that his conscience had not let him rest and that his spirit had been nagging him for a while.

He acknowledged that he had been selfish with his fame and fortune and had never used it correctly. However, he promised that this version of himself is better, more aware, and conscious about the mishaps of their lives.

In his public apology, Makhalima urged his family to forgive him and to work together to create a better tomorrow for all Zimbabweans.

He called on them to motivate each other to do good and to work towards a brighter future. Makhalima acknowledged that some members of his family may not agree with his vocal stance on the affairs of the country, but he felt compelled to speak out because staying quiet made his heart and spirit bleed.

Makhalima pledged to use his platform and voice to advocate for positive change in Zimbabwe and to usher in a new generation of thinkers.