EXCLUSIVE: British Citizen, Kamlesh Pattni Faces Arrest Over Zim Gold Smuggling
20 April 2023
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By A Correspondent | The Kenyan gold smuggler seen in Al Jazeera’s #GOLDMAFIA documentary, Kamlesh Pattni is a British citizen, ZimEye can reveal, following developments in the UK Parliament yesterday which now see implicated English citizens being investigated.

ZimEye can reveal Pattni’s passport number is 564196270, and was issued a year after commencement investigations, on 23 Dec 2019.

Goldmafia 3

Kamlesh Mansukhlal Damji Pattni, who grounded Kenya’s economy in the 1990s in another gold smuggling scandal, is seen on video announcing that he makes over USD10mln a day from Zimbabwean gold and money he smuggles through Harare’s RGM Airport.

Goldmafia 4

Disclosures are also that he keeps President Emmerson Mnangagwa regularly updated on his daily transactions.

“When you work, you must always have the king with you, The President,” says Pattni.

He added that his operations are in other countries, Congo, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

Kamlesh Pattni

This week the UK Parliament opened an investigation into the UK citizens, and Lord John Oates told ZimEye the police have been given up to 14th May to report on progress in the investigations. Said Lord Oates: