ZEC Creates 3 New Polling Stations, Mixing Up Rural and Urbans
8 June 2023
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Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Crashes 3 New Sub-Stations, Mixing Up Rural and Urban Polling Stations

By Farai D Hove | In a shocking turn of events, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has inadvertently created three new sub-stations, resulting in a mix-up between rural and urban polling stations. The incident has sparked concerns about electoral integrity and constitutional violations, particularly in the case of Mutare Rural Ward 33 for Mutare Municipality elections.

Shifts in polling stations- Pachedu

The newly established sub-stations, located at Mukwena BC in Mutare Rural Ward 33, have raised eyebrows due to their dubious nature. Critics argue that dividing Ward 33 between two local authorities is not only questionable but also a clear violation of §161(5a) of the Constitution, the Oavhedu Group reveals.

ZEC, which is responsible for organizing and overseeing elections in Zimbabwe, is expected to ensure fairness, transparency, and adherence to the country’s legal framework. However, this recent mishap has cast doubt on the commission’s ability to carry out its duties effectively.

The mixing up of rural and urban polling stations has the potential to create confusion among voters, leading to disenfranchisement and compromising the integrity of the electoral process. Such errors can undermine public trust in the electoral system and raise concerns about manipulation or bias.

Critics argue that the division of Ward 33 between two local authorities violates §161(5a) of the Constitution, which explicitly prohibits such actions. This constitutional provision aims to safeguard the representation and rights of voters, ensuring that electoral boundaries align with legal requirements and do not favor any specific group or party.

The incident has sparked calls for immediate action from political parties, civil society organizations, and concerned citizens. Demands for ZEC to rectify the situation promptly and ensure that the upcoming Mutare Municipality elections are conducted in accordance with the law have grown louder.

Observers emphasize the need for an independent investigation into the matter to determine whether this mix-up was the result of negligence, a deliberate act, or a systemic flaw within the electoral commission. Transparency and accountability are vital in restoring public confidence in Zimbabwe’s electoral processes.

As the nation awaits ZEC’s response to these allegations, it is crucial for the commission to acknowledge the gravity of the situation and take appropriate steps to rectify the errors. Ensuring that the upcoming elections are conducted fairly and in compliance with the Constitution should be a priority for all stakeholders involved.

Zimbabwe’s democratic progress depends on the integrity and credibility of its electoral system. Addressing the concerns surrounding the mixing up of rural and urban polling stations in Mutare Rural Ward 33 will be a crucial step toward upholding the principles of free and fair elections in the country.