Breakthrough As Award Winning “Qoki” British Lawyer Julie Condliffe’s Slapped With Major Fraud Case.
18 June 2023
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By A Correspondent | On one side she was a shining British solicitor with piles of media and professional awards, an impeccable career, and the sweetest voice when speaking, often using soothing Biblical phrases, but on another hand, she was really communicating a “can’t-touch-me,” macho personality that violently defeated every person disputing with her to the point of making them desire to die, literally – The UK based Qoki Zindlovukazi (fake farm properties) lawyer, award winning solicitor, celebrated millionaire and director of the Property Pro World company, Julian Condliffe has been found liable in a major case now concluded at the courts in Birmingham, that developed from a ZimEye news special investigation back in 2020.

Finally debased… Julie Condliffe

Julian, known as Julie Condliffe, was running her latest property investment program in which clients would never receive their title deeds years after promising them that she is blessing or empowering them, using social media websites, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to make self mentor over scores of homeseekers.

The latest court win of a whopping GBP56,000 is one of many others, in which three other clients reportedly committed suicide, distressed after discovering that they have been deceived. In the latest case, Julie Condliffe’s communication technique and its contents dilligently audited by ZimEye, she had cruelly told one of her suicidal clients, a Zimbabwean woman known on social media as “anon,” that her investment has disappeared and the only guarantee she now has in life is death. This diabolic message the solicitor communicated in a neatly edited psychotic video file uploaded to the YouTube website.

In this case in which the three abused clients are represented by Manchester based Irvine Yates Solicitors, Pawel, Tracy and Ilona, are nurses and one of them was involved in a Facebook group that later got linked with Julie Condliffe where the services the Director of Property Pro World provided were non regulated, being advice on how to make money with properties.

At some point, one of the complainants had a conversation with the other two. Julie Condliffe was running a syndicate, that is, a system of a group that takes rounds to parcel out an interest-free loan. These schemes work when everyone contributes. But what Julie was doing was putting in people in a disruptive way before the end of a cycle to the prejudice of others.

One of the claimants wanted a property, and Julie put in money from her share in the syndicate.

Julie sold a property that she already owned. She said to the group that the legals had to be done by her. But then she was now getting into regulated work; As a lawyer, she can not do that, according to practice, which dictates that this must not be done while one is not attached to a law firm.

She began misleading the claimants that she had transferred the property into their names.

Julie’s submission to the court is that the claimants had abandoned the property. The difficulty came in that Pawel (the trio’s representative) was told different things, which led to no deeds being transferred.

Everything came to nothing. By the time they had concluded, Julie had put in a wholly inadequate defence and a counterclaim that was equal to the trio’s claim.

The trio’s solicitor, Kate at Irvine Yates, tells ZimEye of the first court win:

“We got a conditional order in that we must pay court costs up to 7k.

“When I got the documents… the registered address of Property Pro World was the latest one, which proved that she had supplied fraudulent documents,” a development which means criminal liability against the violator.

A background check on her latest office address reveals that it is used by some of the most notorious fraudsters in Europe.

The other side later accepted a part 37 offer, GBP30,999, and the final total figure shot up to GBP56,000, with costs. The Respondents later made an interim payment and worked to settle most of the claim by the time of the final hearing at Birmingham County Court.

The breakthrough is being explained on Sunday by the heroic solicitors as victims celebrate in West Midlands.

Meanwhile, after ZimEye exposed Julie Condliffe in a series of investigative articles in April to May 2020, she quickly removed herself as director of her company, Property Pro World, 2 months later and appointed a close relative.