“Zanu PF Members Will Not Vote For Mnangagwa”
26 June 2023
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By A Correspondent| Controversial socialite Acie Lumumba has claimed that Zanu PF members will not vote for Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Appearing on South African television channel, SABC, Lumumba real name Gerald Mutumanje said Mnangagwa will not win the August 23 elections as he is not popular even within his Zanu PF party.

“You think any Zanu PF members will vote for Emmerson Mnangagwa? In Zanu PF, you have the main wing, the women wing and the youth wing. The young people are not voting for Emmerson Mnangagwa, I would like to see who is voting, the women are not voting for Emmerson Mnangagwa I cannot articulate the reason, the main wing is not voting for Emmerson Mnangagwa, they are alienated, everybody in Zanu PF is looking for a fresh start, I am looking for a fresh start, let me explain what a fresh start is, the fresh start is an opportunity to re-set…” said Lumumba.

He also said former Zanu PF commissar was forced out of the party but remains very popular with the membership.

Kasukuwere has successfully filed his nomination papers and will be part of the 11 presidential candidates vying to occupy the top job come 23 August 2023.

He has hinted that he will soon return to Zimbabwe to campaign on the ground but the state owned Herald reported that two warrants of arrest awaits him.