Mnangagwa: Businesses Are Attacking Govt Ahead of 2023 Elections
2 July 2023
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ZANU PF Leader Warns Businesses Against Creating Artificial Shortages Ahead of 2023 Elections.

BULILIMA, MATABELELAND SOUTH PROVINCE – Emmerson Mnangagwa, the leader of Zimbabwe’s ruling party ZANU PF, issued a strong warning to businesses suspected of creating artificial shortages of goods in an attempt to undermine the country’s economy. Speaking at a rally in Bulilima, Mnangagwa addressed thousands of ZANU PF supporters, asserting that such actions were a ploy employed by those working against his party ahead of the anticipated 2023 elections.

The warning comes as Zimbabwe has witnessed a sudden disappearance of basic commodities, including sugar, cooking oil, and flour, from store shelves, particularly in major urban areas. This scarcity has occurred despite the recent exemption of a list of basic goods from import tax, introduced by the government in response to an attack on the local currency two months ago, which triggered a wave of price increases.

Mnangagwa expressed his concern over the situation and revealed that he had directed a team to investigate these suspected actions. “We are being attacked, currently, with skyrocketing prices. Why? Just when we announced that we are going for a general election, our enemies decided to cause problems among our people, starting with skyrocketing prices,” stated Mnangagwa during his address.

The ZANU PF leader further highlighted reports of certain individuals, particularly Indians in Harare, allegedly stockpiling basic goods. “I have been told today that some Indians in Harare are stocking basic goods. They are buying excessive amounts of sugar in Chiredzi, stockpiling basic goods like flour and others in their warehouses, and driving up the prices,” added Mnangagwa.

In response to these alleged actions, Mnangagwa issued a stern warning to those involved. He vowed that if the investigations confirmed the reports, not only would the warehouses be confiscated, but the goods inside would be distributed to the people. “If they want to hoard, let them do it in their own countries, not in Zimbabwe. Our government will never tolerate such activities in independent Zimbabwe,” Mnangagwa emphasized.

The ZANU PF leader reiterated the importance of economic stability and development as the core focus of the Second Republic. He called upon Zimbabweans to unite behind the government’s development agenda, recognizing that the country’s progress could only be achieved by its people. Mnangagwa emphasized that Zimbabwe would utilize its natural and human resources to forge ahead and stimulate economic growth from grassroots levels.

Mnangagwa highlighted the government’s commitment to devolution, stating that decisions were no longer made solely in Harare. The introduction of devolution funds since 2020, amounting to $16 billion for Matabeleland South Province alone, aimed to address the specific needs of each community. The ZANU PF leader assured the province, rich in minerals, that his government would continue to ensure that local resources benefitted communities and contributed to the overall economy.

In conclusion, Mnangagwa called for the maximization of tourism benefits in Matabeleland South Province, urging the exploitation of attractions such as Matopos, which has the potential to attract foreign visitors. As Zimbabwe prepares for the 2023 elections, the government remains determined to curb any practices that may destabilize the economy and hinder the nation’s progress.- Agencies