Bulawayo Family Escapes Deadly Encounter as Venomous Snake Emerges from Water Vase
7 July 2023
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A Bulawayo family narrowly escaped a dangerous encounter with a venomous snake on Wednesday afternoon at their residence in the North End suburb, according to a local newspaper report.

The snake had apparently taken refuge inside a water vase and was discovered by the family. B-Metro, present at the scene, observed the successful capture of the reptile by a snake handler who was assigned by the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (ZimParks).

Mrs. Mthombeni, the homeowner, recounted the terrifying incident, stating that her son spotted a large snake in the water vase, with only its head visible while the rest of its body remained hidden. She expressed gratitude that the snake was outside the house at the time, as it could have posed a threat to her children. Upon receiving the news from her son, she advised him to avoid approaching the snake.

The presence of the snake left the family feeling apprehensive about leaving the house, prompting Mrs. Mthombeni to contact ZimParks for assistance in capturing the reptile. Snake handler Ahmz Estat was promptly dispatched to the residence.

After examining the snake, Estat determined it to be an olive grass snake.

-State Media