Burial Of Wife of Dabengwa A Real Man Of God Who Never Touched RBZ Money, And Never Owned A Paedo Church Like ZAOGA
8 July 2023
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Contrasting Burials: Ezekiel Guti and Zodwa Dabengwa – A Tale of Controversy and Integrity

By Farai D Hove | The recent burials of Ezekiel Guti and Zodwa Dabengwa in Zimbabwe have sparked discussions and comparisons due to the stark differences in their legacies and the circumstances surrounding their lives. While Ezekiel Guti’s burial has been marred by allegations of financial impropriety, indifference towards victims of sexual abuse, and questionable associations, Zodwa Dabengwa’s burial stands as a testament to her unwavering principles and refusal to be associated with individuals accused of heinous crimes.

Ezekiel Guti’s Burial: Tainted Legacy:

Ezekiel Guti’s funeral was met with mixed reactions, with critics highlighting several contentious aspects of his life. One of the primary criticisms directed towards Guti is his alleged benefit from public funds through the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ), which he failed to repay. This accusation has raised concerns about financial transparency and accountability, particularly given the economic challenges faced by the country.

Additionally, Ezekiel Guti faced severe criticism for his lack of action and protection towards victims of sexual abuse within his religious organization. His brother, Pastor Nelson Guti, was convicted of rape, yet Ezekiel Guti failed to address the issue adequately or support the victims. Such actions or lack thereof have sparked outrage and shed light on the need for stronger measures to protect the vulnerable and hold individuals accountable within religious institutions.

Furthermore, controversy surrounded Guti’s invitation to Zimbabwe’s President, Emmerson Mnangagwa, to attend church meetings in the midst of a brutal crackdown on unarmed civilians in January 2019. Critics argue that by associating with a leader accused of human rights violations, Guti’s actions contradicted the principles of justice and compassion that should be upheld by spiritual leaders.

Zodwa Dabengwa’s Burial: A Stand for Integrity:

In contrast to Ezekiel Guti’s controversial legacy, Zodwa Dabengwa’s funeral celebrated her unwavering principles and commitment to justice. During the 1980s, when her husband, the late Dumiso Dabengwa, was imprisoned in Chikurubi Maximum Prison for political reasons, Zodwa Dabengwa refused to be associated with the ritual killings perpetrated by some of her husband’s comrades. Her refusal to compromise her integrity and distance herself from such atrocities stands as a testament to her moral character.

Zodwa Dabengwa’s decision to remain steadfast in her principles despite the potential consequences serves as an inspiration to many. In a society where individuals are often pressured to conform or remain silent in the face of injustice, Zodwa’s strength of character resonates as a powerful symbol of resistance.

The contrasting burials of Ezekiel Guti and Zodwa Dabengwa highlight the importance of individual choices and the impact they have on one’s legacy. Ezekiel Guti’s burial was overshadowed by allegations of financial impropriety, indifference towards victims of sexual abuse, and associations with controversial figures. In contrast, Zodwa Dabengwa’s funeral stood as a tribute to her unwavering integrity and refusal to be associated with heinous acts.

These burials serve as reminders that society needs individuals who uphold values of transparency, accountability, and justice. The legacies left behind by Guti and Dabengwa provide a clear distinction between those who compromise their principles for personal gain and those who stand resolute in the face of adversity. It is these individuals who serve as beacons of hope, guiding society toward a more just and ethical future.