SA: ZANU PF Lecturer Kudzai Mutisi Fired Amidst Scandal for Se***lly Abusing and Financially Exploiting Students
1 August 2023
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By A Correspondent | In a disturbing revelation, Damelin College in Randburg, South Africa, has dismissed Zimbabwean lecturer, Kudzai Mutisi following allegations of an inappropriate relationship with some of his students. One of the learners, a 21-year-old woman whose identity is being protected, came forward with claims of emotional abuse and financial exploitation by the disgraced lecturer.

Kudzai Mutisi

The scandal came to light after documents were leaked to the institution, revealing that Mutisi was involved in an affair with the young student while on the college premises. When the student first spoke out about the abuse last year, Mutisi’s response was to dismiss her as a “psycho.” He even attempted to retaliate by making accusations against her, which was unsuccessful.

According to sources inside the college, the student was subjected to severe psychological torment, which pushed her to the brink of suicide. Fortunately, she was rescued by Good Samaritans. It wasn’t until this year that she was able to gather substantial evidence, including pictures and WhatsApp messages, to prove the illicit relationship with Mutisi.

Moreover, records obtained by ZimEye indicate that Mutisi received significant sums of money from the student, amounting to hundreds of thousands of Rands. The situation escalated in April 2023 when Mutisi started struggling to repay the borrowed funds, raising further concerns about financial manipulation.

The college management faced accusations of covering up for Mutisi, leading to demands for accountability from concerned parties. The institution eventually terminated Mutisi’s employment after additional evidence surfaced, suggesting that he had targeted other young students in a similar manner.

Efforts to contact Mutisi for comment have been fruitless, as he has failed to respond to multiple calls and emails for over two weeks.

In response to the scandal, the South African Community Movement and Randburg Parliament sent a letter dated 22nd May 2023, urging Damelin College to take appropriate action. The letter demanded the following:

1. Verification of Mutisi’s qualifications as an educator.
2. Immediate removal of the lecturer from his position.
3. Provision of extra classes and a facilitator tutor for the affected student to catch up on missed modules.
4. The opportunity for the student to write required tests and qualify for exams scheduled for 22 June 2023.
5. An explanation and information on the college’s policy regarding student-teacher relationships.
6. Identification of the education council under which Mutisi is registered.
7. An explanation as to why the college management seems to be taking sides in the matter.

The revelations have sparked outrage among students, parents, and the community, who are now demanding thorough investigations and measures to ensure the safety and well-being of students at Damelin College. The college authorities have yet to respond publicly to the demands and are expected to face significant scrutiny in the days to come.