ZEC Creates 869 New Polling Stations A Month Later | Pachedu
3 August 2023
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Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Under Scrutiny for Secretive Voters Roll Update Ahead of Elections

By Farai D Hove | Harare, August 3, 2023 – As Zimbabwe gears up for crucial elections scheduled for August 23, 2023, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has come under intense scrutiny following revelations of a clandestine creation of a new voters roll. Just a month after announcing a total number of polling stations, ZEC’s new figure shows an increase of 869 polling stations, leaving citizens and political stakeholders bewildered.

According to data analysis by Pachedu’s review, the commission’s latest move has added 869 more polling stations to the voters roll. On July 2, ZEC had officially reported a total of 11,501 polling stations across the nation. However, today’s unexpected disclosure reveals a new figure of 12,370 polling stations, raising questions about the transparency and credibility of the electoral process.

The lack of transparency in the process is further exacerbated by ZEC’s refusal to publish the polling station codes. The withholding of this critical information has triggered concerns among political parties, civil society organizations, and citizens who see it as a potential red flag for electoral integrity.

Pachedu issued a brief statement urging the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission to release the new voters roll without delay. As the election date draws near, the need for transparency becomes even more pressing, as free and fair elections are essential for upholding democracy and ensuring the legitimacy of the chosen representatives.

The revelation of the secretive update to the voters roll has sparked public outrage and mistrust towards ZEC’s handling of the electoral process. Questions are now being raised about the motives behind the sudden addition of polling stations, especially after the previous announcement indicating a substantial reduction in the total number.

As Zimbabweans prepare to cast their votes, political analysts and citizens are calling for the commission to be forthright and transparent in its actions. The credibility of the electoral process and the nation’s democratic institutions depend on ZEC’s commitment to openness and accountability.

With the elections just a few weeks away, all eyes are on the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission to address the concerns raised and ensure that the electoral process remains fair and unbiased. As tensions rise and speculations continue to circulate, the commission must act decisively to restore public confidence in the democratic process and uphold the principles of a free and democratic Zimbabwe.