2023 Polls : Nation Should Never Vote For Those Who Reward, Pamper Rapists
12 August 2023
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Polls are around round the corner. Campaings are widespread across the Nation. Everyone is important for all Politicians and Parties in the meantime.

The Girl Child bleeds and weeps as justice is denied. The rapists ululate in happiness and celebration for a sentence short lived. Incarceration has brought fame for an ex convict and the girl child watches helplessly as the one who forcibly deflowed her get recognition and fame.

Executive powers have been exercised to give freedom to those condemned by the Judiciary and community. Who then is going to protect the vulnerable ? Paedophiles should have no place in the society and the same applies to rapists.

The release of the famous rapists known for Mnangagwa huchi rant is torture to her victim. Her wounds got rubbed deeper when he got Presidential assistance.

I encourage the Government to consider offering the Rape Victim Counselling and Assistance than to focus on the perpetrator who has turned famous just for a statement.

Munyaradzi Kereke was the first beneficiary of the executive powers and the list continues. I call upon FAIR application of the law and convicts to serve their full sentences in cases of RAPE.

A chance to seek proper use of Presidential pardon is on the 23rd of August 2023. All mothers and the girl child should Vote wisely for their safety and protection.Ngaapinde Hake Mkomana.
2023 23 August The girl child will decide

Chido Mutize Hamauswa is PR Council Candidate.