Alan Moyo Confident Of Victory After President Chamisa Rally
14 August 2023
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By A Correspondent
Ward 10 local government candidate Alan Moyo (CCC) is confident of a resounding victory in the 23 August elections.

Speaking after a star rally adressed by CCC President Nelson Chamisa, Moyo said that the residents would vote for development.

“Ward 10 residents have been suffering from lack of leadership that’s why you see there’s no consistent running water in sections of Rhodene, Eastvale and many government departments including Zimuto Police Camp and the 4 Brigade…

We want to work together to speed up the water augmentation process which has been idle for more than a decade to ensure 24/7 tap water for these key areas,”Moyo said.

Council land is largely inaccessible and usually charged in the hard to get USD.

Moyo added:
” I’m going to offer the housing service with a bias towards Ward 10 residents and civil service members. I’m going to ensure that council charges land in the Zimbabwean Dollar and cushion low income residents. What I’m talking about is income sensitive housing and income sensitive billing. We don’t want to put the burden of past mismanagement on the residents and land seekers.”

On rising unemployment, Alan Moyo was optimistic about dealing with this perennial issue in a sustainable way which benefits the residents and the city.
“We have a lot of young people in the ward who are unemployed and they end up bey exploited for cheap labour. This can be easily solved by opening council enterprises which include a brewery to employ the youth through brewing, distribution and retail and to increase council revenue through the sales. We have all the requisit infrastructure and distribution channels, what was lacking is ideas. Quarry reserves are abundant in the ward and I want to partner council with private players to increase employment, empower local businesses and to augment council revenues.”

Ward 10 has perennially suffered from access to health, there is only one mobile unit with a couple of health personnel to service the whole ward. Moyo demonstrated an affinity for health by stating that: “The Ward does not have a clinic presently, and one of my immediate challenges is to construct a state of the art clinic that is compatible for use by women. That is, to include prenatal and postnatal care, borehole water and solar powered to ensure efficient delivery of health services in the ward. Residents walk long distances to the general hospital in Rhodene and resort expensive private clinics which is a barrier to health for our residents.”

Commenting on the violent clashes between armed riot police and CCC members who were attacked with tearsmoke and bashed with baton sticks, Moyo called for peace and tolerance towards the elections.

” It was an unfortunate incident, we know members of the uniformed forces are non partisan. They will vote for change. They are suffering from misgovernance and eroded incomes. Every pay cheque is a nightmare for all of us Zimbabweans. It is the politicians who abuse our police and soldiers and then pay them peanuts, we won’t tolerate that in a new Zimbabwe.”

Alan Moyo is a young social justice activist who campaigned vigorously for affordable education in tertiary institutions and removal of barriers to entry to education. He has also campaigned for pro poor policies and for the commensurate remuneration of government workers given the skyrocketing inflation.