Police Attack CCC Supporters In Masvingo
14 August 2023
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Tinashe Sambiri

Overzealous cops threw teargas canisters at CCC supporters in Masvingo on Sunday, injuring scores of haples women and children in the process.

Heavily armed police details disrupted CCC leader President Nelson Chamisa’s rally at Mamutse Stadium in Masvingo.

However, President Chamisa managed to address enthusiastic citizens despite the police presence.

As President Chamisa was addressing thousands of supporters, cops interjected claiming the stipulated time of addressing the rally had lapsed.

“Nobody can stop us from forming the next government. This time it’s certain, we are winning resoundingly.

They tried to disrupt our rally in Chiredzi and we know police officers are being forced to attack us.

My message to you the people of Masvingo is clear, change is upon us. The great city of Masvingo is the hub of trade. It is a transit zone, “said President Chamisa.