Jere Defends Chitembwe
19 September 2023
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Source : Makomborero Mutimukulu Page

Caps United owner Farai Jere is standing by Lloyd Chitembwe and his technical team amid calls by some fans to make changes.
Last night the Caps NEC met in Gweru and resolved to ask Jere to fire the coaches and “bring fresh minds.”
But the Caps owner looks set to stick to his man with a leaked WhatsApp conversation between him and one angry supporter revealing where Jere stands.
In the chats Jere says his love for Caps is still burning as evidenced by the way he keeps pumping money into the club.

Below are some exchanges between Jere & the Caps fan.

[9/16, 07:31] Farai JERE: Can you help me on this one? Do you have their numbers and share with me. I am on record that if there is anyone willing to takeover Caps United it’s available and no one came. I am more than willing to let it go any time, any day. What do people mean when they say I am hanging on to Caps when I am paying a lot of money every minute, every, every week and every month. That figure is not including salaries. I had a meeting with former players including Mpemelolo Dzowa and they failed to take up the team due to its huge running expenses. I took Charlie Johns to run the team and these are the results you are all blaming me for.
[9/16, 07:31] Farai JERE: ??
[9/16, 07:33] Farai JERE: Management is not that easy mukuru. Murikumbowonawo here panenguva to start looking for new players?
[9/16, 07:35] ZOE: My suggestion was lyk bring an ambitious coach lyk Machazane then start building from there my brother
[9/16, 07:36] ZOE: Cause naLodza to tell the truth toenda pasi pemuti
[9/16, 07:36] Farai JERE: Nhai vakuru Lloyd wamurikutaura nezvake haasiriye here wamakatera kuHarare City last year team Dodo aitadza. There are a lot of things that are involved in team management. It’s not a straight jacket especially this Caps United. If you have a chance talk to Charlie Johns he can explain to you
[9/16, 07:38] ZOE: He was good thst tym but apa atadza Chelsea yakazviita Pana Mourinho and almost relagsted but they fire and went on to win champions league
[9/16, 07:38] Farai JERE: That time you mean last year???
[9/16, 07:39] ZOE: Yes the results are proving kuti atadza green machine
[9/16, 07:39] ZOE: We can’t keep on hanging on him
[9/16, 07:41] Farai JERE: He doesn’t have the required coaching qualifications. How do we employ him? These are other dynamics people out there don’t understand. Tsipa doesn’t have coaching badges. He is now in the UK. Ndiyani wamungatore nhasi. I mean today
[9/16, 07:41] ZOE: I believe football is business as well wy are u not giving altimatium of three game or so even though I feel u gave enough tym at Caps to improve
[9/16, 07:42] ZOE: Machazane my brother
[9/16, 07:42] Farai JERE: Yes he doesn’t have CAF A
[9/16, 07:44] ZOE: Asi mind yacho minayo wo here yekuti mumbotsvaka new coach my brother
[9/16, 07:44] ZOE: Or u still trust him
[9/16, 07:46] Farai JERE: Do you know that most of our matches are loss matches? Izvi zvinotaurwa nemunhu asina mafacts ezvinoitika paCaps paye apa. The costs of running a football is so huge
[9/16, 07:50] ZOE: My last question is as a board makambogarawo pasi kuti lister mapossible candidates in case lodza aenda
[9/16, 07:51] Farai JERE: Problem vakuru to be honest with you haisi panacoach. I will call you tozotaura. People need facts.
[9/16, 07:52] ZOE: Allright thank you
[9/16, 07:52] ZOE: Will be waiting for your Mr Jere

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