Another ZBC Boss In S*X Scandal
4 October 2023
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Sexual Harassment Allegations Rock ZBC’s Power FM

Scott Matengambiri, popularly known as DJ Scott and the station manager of ZBC’s Power FM, faces serious trouble amidst allegations of demanding oral sex from a female subordinate. Sources quoted by local site ZimSeen revealed that DJ Scott had repeatedly pestered a young female ZBC employee for sexual favors, citing that he had “given her a job” and it was now time for her to repay him.

When approached for comment, ZBC’s Chief Executive Officer, Adelaide Chikunguru, declined to discuss the scandal, stating, “I am not aware of this conversation (sic),” without elaborating further.

This incident follows the recent suspension of ZBC’s Radio Services Director, Robson Mhandu, who was accused of harassing Farai Jules. Leaked audio recordings captured Mhandu making disturbing threats, sparking concerns over harassment within Zimbabwe’s media landscape.

DJ Scott has now reportedly been suspended pending a formal hearing process regarding the sexual harassment allegations. Internal discussions among ZBC workers suggest that DJ Scott’s actions were driven by an inability to control his sexual impulses toward young subordinates. The victim in this case had also recorded evidence of DJ Scott’s unwanted advances and has sought help in recent weeks due to the distress caused by the radio DJ.

According to a source, “Scott grabbed the girl’s head and tried to force her to give him oral sex, saying he gave her a job, so she must pay back. The case has already been reported to the ZBC Human Resources department. But Scott is going (being fired).”

DJ Scott, who joined Power FM in Gweru in 2002, had only been appointed as the station manager in March of the previous year. Repeated attempts to reach DJ Scott for comment, including questions sent via WhatsApp and phone calls, went unanswered.

Meanwhile, ZimSeen says it had also uncovered another disturbing case involving a male worker at Classic 263 who allegedly demanded sex from a former intern. The intern has since left ZBC and expressed regret for ever working in an organization that she now describes as a “sex haven.”

Sexual harassment has emerged as a pressing issue within the media industry in Zimbabwe, as young individuals find themselves vulnerable to advances from veteran journalists and media managers.

This incident underscores the importance of addressing and preventing sexual harassment in the workplace, with victims urged to follow proper reporting procedures to ensure their safety and seek justice.