Mai Titi Proudly Enjoys Relief As Murdered Moreblessing’s Ali Lawyer Remains Jailed
7 October 2023
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Mai Titi vs Moreblessing Ali/Job Sikhala

By A Correspondent | ANALYSIS | In a paradoxical spin of events, ZANU PF comedian Felistas Murata, popularly known as Mai Titi, is set to be let off into the first few months of her sentence for serious fraud. The State withdrew the charges against her after she repaid the complainant’s US$10,000. This decision was made before Harare magistrate Ms. Apolonia Marutya, as reported by The Herald.

The case against Mai Titi stemmed from allegations that in September 2022, she misrepresented to Rachel Mhuka, promising a business venture and using a Mercedes Benz as collateral. However, the vehicle did not belong to Murata, and after a series of exchanges, it was discovered that the passport she provided as surety was invalid. As a result, she was initially sentenced to 12 months in prison, with six months suspended, and an additional three months for defaulting on community service from a previous conviction.

This release has sparked controversy, especially when compared to the long imprisonment of CCC party mother of two Moreblessing Ali’s lawyer, Hon. Job Sikhala. Sikhala has been incarcerated for over a year while representing the murdered mother and CCC activist, Moreblessing Ali. Ali’s disappearance on May 24, 2022, led to widespread concern and investigations.

Despite government pressure, Ali’s family has refused to bury her until Job Sikhala is released. ZimEye had to deploy drone technology to search for her remains, highlighting the mysterious circumstances surrounding her case. ZANU PF spokesperson Simba Chisango initially claimed to know that Moreblessing Ali was alive, but her whereabouts remained unknown.

The situation in Nyatsime, where Ali was abducted, has been tense, with fear palpable among residents. Chisango’s involvement in the case has been questioned, but the police report cleared him of any wrongdoing, failing to mention that the accused, Pius Jamba, is Chisango’s cousin.

Opposition leader Nelson Chamisa’s CCC party has been conducting its investigations and revealed that Pius Jamba is also wanted for other criminal offenses, including murder and fraud. Jamba is believed to be in hiding in Hurungwe.

Mai Titi’s swift release, in contrast to Job Sikhala’s prolonged incarceration and the unresolved case of Moreblessing Ali, has raised significant concerns about the justice system and the influence of powerful individuals in Zimbabwe. The international community is closely monitoring these developments, and the controversy surrounding these cases is far from over.