Is Chamisa Stupid to Bomb ED with Bibles Instead of Bullets?
16 October 2023
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By Simba Chikanza | If I Were Nelson Chamisa, I’d Repeat “God Is In It” 7,000 Times, Quote Millions Of Bible Verses And Enjoy The Change.

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Many are agitated and it seems so easy for some to say Nelson Chamisa has changed nothing in the period 2018 and 2023, ignoring both what he has accomplished, and what he is doing right now which has inspired not only full state power shifts in the Zambia-Zimbabwe geo-territory but even the best investigative journalism ever in African history seen up to 2023.

While criticism of all politicians is healthy, and @Chamisa must be certainly critiqued, works of maliciousness on behalf of the Zim military disguised as cold-journalism must also be exposed in the same vein.

As some say they are frustrated, I speak about what I see and what I also practically demonstrate to the world in this period when Chamisa has proved to be arguably better than any political leader since 1896, who if assisted, could execute more.

“What has Chamisa done that [makes him less important] than the election-rigging GoldMafia destroying various African economies since 1990 led by Emmerson Mnangagwa’s partner Kamlesh Pattni?,” asked Ronita Mbanjwa.

Just two months ago, investigative journalist Hopewell Chinono claimed Chamisa lost the 2023 elections due to a lack of polling agents, contradicting the diligent work of @PacheduZW @freemanchari, who not only exposed rigging but confirmed the opposition’s victory.

I’ve just physically come out of Zambia where I was almost strangulated to death by a Mnangagwa agent, Mr Harry Kalaba on 23 Aug 2023, as I was in one of many operations I have undertook to expose criminality that’s stopping regime change across Africa, between Kenya and Zimbabwe since 1990. This is a continuation of my research on the election-rigging GoldMafia, on the ground, just as I disconnect from Twitter spaces where those saying Chamisa’s done nothing reside day in day out, and their last talk on the election-rigging GoldMafia crooks, ended with an announcement that Nelson Chamisa has failed to expose the GoldMafia, just as they lied to the world when the truth is the Chamisa’s party has played the most vital role in exposing these mafia gangsters.

People who say Chamisa has failed to effect change will never talk about the exposure of Mnangagwa’s ambassador Uebert Angel and the Mafia in Zambia, which investigative brings Zimbabweans closer to their victory than at any other time. 

Mr. Hopewell Chin’ono will never expose the GoldMafia as ‘the election rigging network’ that’s stopping Chamisa, as the man who says Chamisa hasn’t changed Zimbabwe, has not changed his own character or military-operandi in the period 2018 to 2023. 

A basic audit of all his communications in the same period 2018 to 2023, manifests a persistent character by Hopewell Chin’ono, showing that all this while (1 Aug 2018 to 6 July 2023 [Open Secrets Spaces function]), Hopewell Chin’ono has simply been in a stampede with Presidential Spokesman, George Charamba to become the loudest voice that labels Chamisa and the entire Civil Society: incompetent  & bribed by  Western embassies. Much of this evidence is compiled in the attached video.

It is unfortunate that it took many people time to realise and now, before Chin’ono harrasses people again or leak more addresses of torture victims’ safe houses to Chiwenga/ED, people should just ask Hopewell Chin’ono
to simply DISCLOSE the name of the bank he says loaned him £50,000 for a sports car in 1996, at the age of 25. All will doubtlessly understand from that basic audit that all this while (1 Aug 2018 to 6 July 2023 [up to the Open Secrets Spaces debate]), Hopewell Chin’ono has simply been in a stampede with George Charamba to become the loudest voice that labels Chamisa and the entire Civil Society: incompetent  & bribed by Western embassies, that’s why the man well known for cheque fraud in the UK Zim community, had to get arrested in order to rise to the highest/loudest mountain.

That’s why poetically, the world’s highest mountain is not in Nepal, but in Harare, Zimbabwe: Mt EverArrest where people like Mnangagwa (fake train bomber) who climb it, end up taking over countries. VIDEO WITH EVIDENCE:

⚡Bibles vs Bullets.

Is Chamisa foolish to be posting Bible verses instead of messages commanding mass demonstrations? Is a Bible reading session less effective than a demonstration in Harare’s First Street? A brief study of the last 300 years shows the best revolutions have come from Bible reading. I myself, working on the continental investigative on the GoldMafia, I started it in 2015 began it all from mere Bible reading, and I am proving my bit, of which so far ny work has helped bring total regime change in Northern Rhodesia, Zambia, from a single live interview on 13 Aug 2021, watches by 600,000 people. What are you doing?

Are Bible verses useless? This year in the month of August, I used Bible verses in a promise to deliver an iPhone15, so to trap one of Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Zambian agents, Harry Kalaba, into conversations. It was this language alone that worked to perform the most successful physical confrontation of the GoldMafia on the ground, and get wrongdoers to reveal their operations. So successful was the method, whose results were watched by over 500,000 Zambians on 23rd August, that I struggle to see how anyone can say Bible verses do not work. Harry Kalaba was so embarrassed that he ended up sending his bodyguard to assault me.