Manyika’s ZANU PF Recalls Are Just Fake- Mavaza
18 October 2023
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BY DR. MASIMBA MAVAZA | Zimbabwe recently witnessed a bizarre episode involving CCC’s delusions. In an attempt to sow chaos, the CCC fabricated a ZANU PF letter, invented their own ZANU PF Secretary General, and audaciously tried to recall all ZANU PF Members of Parliament. This action was not merely a jest; it was a calculated move to create confusion and later point fingers at the Speaker of Parliament for bias. The conduct of the CCC was not only immature but also illegal. The author of this document, if identified, should be apprehended and charged with treason. Their objective is to replace the entire parliament with their puppets.

If you examine the alleged recall letter, you’ll find numerous flaws. ZANU PF doesn’t have an interim Secretary General. We have a permanent Secretary General, Dr. Obert Mpofu. There is no faction within our party. This poorly written document reflects a party in disarray.

For clarity, it’s essential to introduce our Secretary General, also known as Secretary for Administration. This capable individual is Cde Obert, Moses, “Lobengula,” Mzandeki Mpofu, ZANU-PF NATIONAL SECRETARY GENERAL and Secretary for Administration. Cde Obert Mpofu is a decorated Liberation War Veteran, a former ZPRA guerrilla known as Cde Mzandeki. He is a methodical man who follows the party’s principles rather than acting impulsively.

Cde Mpofu hails from Jambezi in Hwange District, Matabeleland North Province, and joined the armed struggle in 1967 at the age of 16, crossing into Zambia. He underwent nine months of military training at the renowned Morogoro Camp in Tanzania and was later deployed to a ZPRA reconnaissance unit operating along the Zambezi River, frequently infiltrating Rhodesia.

Cde Mpofu possesses extensive political knowledge and experience from his roles as a Cabinet Minister in Zimbabwe, including:

– Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage
– Macro-Economic Planning and Investment Promotion
– Industry and International Trade
– Mines and Mining Development
– Transport and Infrastructure Development

Cde Mpofu is a celebrated author of several books and novels, far from being an interim Secretary General. Hence, it’s quite amusing that a CCC member, self-proclaimed as the interim Secretary General of Zanu PF, attempted to recall 70 Members of Parliament.

Tafadzwa Manyika has written a letter to Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda, claiming that over seventy ZANU PF MPs have been recalled. The letter, poorly composed, exposes the fraud and forgery involved in the process. A party with a constitution cannot be dismantled by imposters; any recalls in ZANU PF must adhere to the party’s constitution.

Zanu PF Chief Whip Pupurai Togarepi stated that Manyika is an imposter. Unlike the CCC, the ruling party follows specific structures for all purposes, making this letter a regrettable attempt to sow confusion in Parliament. Manyika claimed to be a Zanu PF activist who recalled the 70 legislators. In ZANU PF, those responsible for recalls must adhere to clear party structures meticulously.

The Speaker of Parliament’s role is to formalize recalls within the legal framework, as he lacks the authority to impede political parties’ decisions. He can only validate legitimate recalls following established procedures.

We are reminded of the wise words of the President of Zimbabwe: “When an elephant moves, dogs will bark but cannot hinder the elephant’s progress.”

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