Married Pastor Sadly Leaks Intimate WhatsApp Audios Onto Church Group
21 October 2023
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Scandal Rocks Church Community as Reverend Oscar Mukanahana’s Tragic End Unveiled

By Dorrothy Moyo | Methodist Pastor Reverend Oscar Mukanahana, a respected marriage figure within the church community, has reportedly taken his own life by consuming rat poison, locally known as “mushonga wemakonzo.” This heart-wrenching act comes after a series of intimate audio recordings between the reverend and an unnamed girlfriend were mistakenly shared on a church group, subsequently spreading like wildfire across social media platforms.

Dear Colleagues In Ministry, It is with heavy heart to announce to you the untimely death of our Beloveth District Superintendent Rev Oscar Mukahanana of the Harare East District. The Office of the Bishop shall be informing the church of developments and funeral arrangements. As a Church, you are being cordially requested to support the Mukahanana family through your prayer. Yours Sincerely Bishop’s Office- Methodist Church

The leaked audio recordings have caused a storm of controversy and scandal, shaking the foundations of the church congregation. In one of the audios, Rev. Mukanahana is heard breathing heavily after an intense sexual encounter, making explicit remarks about the timing of their intimacy. He is heard saying, “ndaputitsa munhu akuda kuenda,” which translates to “I just had sex with you when you were about to go on your monthly menstrual periods.”

In a surprising twist, the woman in the recording responds by saying, “ndanga ndava virgin,” before laughing and revealing that her menstrual cycle was scheduled to start the following day.

The audios have not only exposed the reverend’s private affairs but have also raised questions about his conduct as a spiritual leader within the community. The scandal has sent shockwaves throughout the congregation, leaving many in disbelief and outrage.

Prominent socialite Patience Mangezi commented on the situation, emphasizing the importance of discretion in intimate relationships. She stated, “We urge lovers to put away any recording devices when they are playing the hide a sausage game.”

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the consequences that can arise from a lack of privacy in today’s digital age. It has left both the church community and the public grappling with the tragic loss of Reverend Oscar Mukanahana and the controversy surrounding his final moments.