Insider Exposes Massive Corruption and Abuse of Office in Zim Judiciary System
24 October 2023
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By A Correspondent| A whistleblower from within the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) has exposed a culture of corruption and abuse of office at the highest levels of the Zimbabwean judiciary.

In a statement to the press, the insider alleged that JSC Secretary for Justice Services Commission Walter Chikwanha has been using his position to enrich himself, including by acquiring a luxury Land Cruiser vehicle while other judges are forced to drive cheaper cars.

“The Land Cruiser which Walter Chikwanha thinks is hiding was bought by Malaba as a reward for spying on the Judges and other shenanigans,” the insider alleged.

The insider also claimed that Chikwanha and his assistant Msipa have been engaged in sexual harassment and abuse of female colleagues.

“Walter Chikwanha and his assistant Msipa have been exposed so many times for sexual harassment and abuse on female colleagues,” the insider said.

In addition, the insider alleged that JSC Chief Registrar Kudzai Maronga Mumbengegwi was appointed to her position due to her relationship with Chief Justice Luke Malaba, rather than on merit.

“It is well known that Kudzai Maronga Mumbengegwi is Chief Justice Luke Malaba’s girlfriend,” the insider said.

The insider also accused Malaba and Chikwanha of looting funds earmarked for the development of an online tracking and virtual system for the courts.

“What binds Malaba and Chikwanha is the funds they looted as they embezzled the funds for Online tracking and Virtual system with an Indonesian company,” the insider alleged.

A legal expert who spoke on condition of anonymity said there should be an investigation into the matter.

“The allegations against Chikwanha, Mumbengegwi, and Malaba are extremely serious and, if proven true, would represent a major scandal within the Zimbabwean judiciary. The JSC has a responsibility to uphold the highest standards of integrity and accountability, and these allegations must be thoroughly investigated,” said the lawyer.