Joseph Kalimbwe’s A Fake UPND Member Lying for 2 Years That He’s HH’s Secretary
28 November 2023
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DATE 17/7/2023

The SADC region woke up to the sight of a 2 paragraph statement authored by a self proclaimed UPND Information Secretary who announced that UPND party youths are now cutting off their support of their own President, Hakainde Hichilema. The statement has far reaching effects if it is a true reflection not only of the party’s affairs, but of the security in the SADC region, especially after the extraordinary summit in Angola out of which Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa sprang out expressing determination to twist the meeting minutes.

ZimEye carried an investigation which began with a telephone initial interview with Kalimbwe, and discovered deceptions of an extreme kind, which this introduction attempts to lay out in brief.

  1. Has Joseph Kalimbwe been at any time a UPND party Secretary or office holder?

Answer: No. Kalimbwe has never at any time been an office holder in the UPND.

  1. On what basis has Joseph Kalimbwe been claiming he is a UPND Secretary?

Answer: Fraud. He concurs with ZimEye in the Friday discussion that he has been fraudulently representing the Head Of The Head Of State and his party.

  1. Has Joseph Kalimbwe at any time been assigned to represent President Hakainde Hichilema?

Answer: Never happened at any time.

  1. How did Joseph Kalimbwe rise to sudden fame?

Answer: He gate crashed a visit by CCC President Nelson Chamisa around 24-5 Aug 2021 through a Lusaka based male Zimbabwean friend of his so to pose for photographs with Chamisa and Tendai Biti. Soon after that he started claiming he represents the UPND, not through any Zambian association, but the photographs with Chamisa at a restaurant location.

  1. Has Joseph Kalimbwe at any time been attacked or harrassed over his support for Nelson Chamisa?

Answer: No. None of that has ever happened. It is in fact Kalimbwe who is compromising or attacking Chamisa through his Mnangagwa-agency-celebrated anti-Hichilema Twitter posts.

  1. Who are the “we” that Joseph Kalimbwe claims he is representing when he announces that he is pausing his (or their) support of President Hichilema?

Answer: He is still totally vague on who on earth he is representing when he writes. His wording is however similar to that of the GoldMafia agents recently exposed by ZimEye who have filmed themselves since April speaking in support of the money laundering mafia that continues to steal from central banks of various African countries so that they fund election rigging operations for dictatorships.

  1. By sustaining his anti Hichilema post, Kalimbwe has exposed the Head Of State to physical security level attacks fueled by anti HH rhetoric funneled from across the Zambezi in November.
  2. How is it possible for Kalimbwe to support Mnangagwa when he has appeared to be against Mnangagwa all this while?

Answer: This could be an obfuscation technique (hiding behind the veil, in order to conceal the corruption within)