Did He Attempt To Rape His Own Step Mum?
2 December 2023
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Man Faces Attempted Rape Charges Against Step-Mother

In a shocking incident, 27-year-old Nelson Chuma of Velemu Village, Chingwizi in Mwenezi, Chiredzi, has appeared in court on charges of attempting to rape his 46-year-old stepmother during a firewood-fetching excursion in a bush.

The disturbing encounter unfolded last Monday as Chuma, his stepmother, and her seven-year-old grandson were loading firewood into a scotch cart. The situation took a dark turn when they discovered a flat tire on the cart, prompting the grandson to be sent home for a pressure pump.

Seizing the moment, Chuma allegedly approached his stepmother and begged, saying, “muchembere ndipeiwo” (mother, please can I have it). When questioned, he elaborated, stating, “ndipeiwo ndiwane kurarama” (please let me have, I am starving). However, the stepmother refused, bewildered by the unexpected request.

Undeterred, Chuma reportedly grabbed her by the waist, attempting to force her to the ground. Despite her resistance, he succeeded in removing her skintight and pant from one leg before pushing her down.

The harrowing incident took a fortunate turn when the seven-year-old grandson returned to the scene, discovering his grandmother on the ground with Chuma on top. The boy’s arrival likely prevented a further escalation of the assault.

Chuma faced the Regional Magistrate, Judith Zuyu, this week, where he was remanded in custody until December 5, 2023, to answer to charges of attempted rape. The court proceedings revealed the gravity of the allegations and the traumatic experience faced by the stepmother in the bush that day.

Ronald Kwangwari is representing Chuma in this legal matter, as the community awaits further developments in this disturbing case.