Pastor Beats Up Church Members
4 December 2023
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-Pastor and Daughters Implicated in Assault on Church Member-

Apostle Ruramai Nhapata, the leader of Trinity International Fellowship Ministry, and her daughters Esther Nhapata and Gamuchirayi Nhapata, have been implicated in the assault of former church member Ruvimbo Mugwindidza.

Ruvimbo Mugwindidza, who recently left the church, citing abuse and indoctrination as reasons, claims that she was physically and emotionally abused while residing with the Nhapata family. According to her, she could no longer tolerate the falsehoods and manipulation used to attract people to the ministry.

The incident took a violent turn as Apostle Nhapata and her daughters allegedly assaulted Ruvimbo, leaving her with a bleeding nose. Ruvimbo explained, “I could not continue living in falsehoods for the sake of free accommodation and free food.”

This incident follows a recent headline-grabbing event where Apostle Nhapata prayed for her neighbor’s deceased body, claiming he would come back to life.

Apostle Nhapata denies the allegations, stating that Ruvimbo is spreading falsehoods about them. She warned the media, saying, “You published bad things about me on the resurrection story, and this time you are back again to write bad things about us, go ahead. I will find what to do with you.”

Esther Nhapata, one of the accused, admitted to assaulting Ruvimbo but urged the media to leave her mother out of the story. She suggested seeking clarification directly from Apostle Nhapata.

The situation has escalated further, with another church member named Kamuzunguze issuing threats against the media outlet that reported the incident. He claimed that Ruvimbo was not assaulted to the point of death and accused the media of biased reporting.

As the controversy unfolds, authorities may intervene to investigate the allegations and determine the appropriate course of action against those involved.- Agencies