“The EU is not an empirial power over Zimbabwe”: Mutsvangwa
6 December 2023
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Director for Information and Publicity Cde Farai Marapira, members of the Media. We are on the last month of the year and we felt it was good to have you along and to give you pointers of where we are going both as part and Government. The President Cd EDM is working hard with the election win against Nelson Chamisa bringing a sweet win to ZANU PF. This has been the highlight of the President achievement during the year. We also had the conference in Gweru which focused on the economy

The story of President has never been known in Africa. It’s only because of toxists political environment in Zimbabwe. They don’t want to acknowledge what is good they always try to blind side everyone. Some of the naysayers I met them in Vic Falls. Every time and again the President is cutting ribbons of different colours on major economic importance. To the opposition if a steel plant is built to them or does not exist. When billionaires comes for our Lithium they don’t acknowledge. The billionaires are exploiting the fifth largest lithium resource in Zimbabwe. It’s sad when the opposition does not acknowledge the world being done but we are not blind to investors coming here. The President is being invited everywhere in Saudi Arabia, Dubai etc. These are new investors who are coming.

Even the British are excited about what Zimbabwe is doing. This is the country which used to be negtive about us. The President has been in London several times and this is a vote from the country which sponsored the formation of opposition in Zimbabwe. They are opening a new page. The opposition is always preaching negative messages which are their imagination

After the departure of Tsvangirai the MDC became a wapusa wapusa. ZCTU is our formation during the liberation of was subverted to be against Government. A coup within MDC resulted in this confusion there are no structures in the CCC. It’s not possible that a structureless party can transform Zimbabwe. Now the people are realising that CCC will not take them anywhere and are beginning to vote for ZANU PF. We are now winning by elections. Investments in the rural areas are now spilling over into the urban areas. Now our people will now have more than one job. Never has Chamisa been seen with a business man When investors come from airport they don’t meet the Mayors in Harare they go to rural areas where they invest.

For two decades we have never seen a CCC town father opening any investment. We now have central government coming in to provide services. Look at Kuwadzana there is sewage in vegetables and now cholera because of lack of water reticulation. If the Cory father’s had foresight they could have encouraged solar panels to be build in town homes. The CCC is obsessed by State power not knowing that across the path there are powered centers including local council. Very soon we will have investment desk at the airport.

The normal place for investors to visit is local council because they are the ones with space to invest but in our case local authorities are not active. Elections are over what we are now doing are by elections. The opposition still talks about re-run through SADC but SADC can not order an election and they are happy with the result. The much touted EU report has nothing because it was written at Harvest House. The EU is not an empirial power over Zimbabwe.

It will not end well in CCC Tshabangu is the one with historical structures. How can you win when you don’t have structures. In this wapusa wapusa there is Mahere who continues to make statements. She talks of things she can’t comprehend she talks about the budget though she is a lawyer. She makes lengthy statement about the budget about this country when she is not well knowledgeable about the subject. Her statements about her budget are nonsensical the budget is progressive.

The budget will trun out to an interim given the boom in steel the country will experience. We have imported about 6.3 billion dollars so far in two month time we will start producing more than we need and the budgeted money will be earned money for use locally saved from the steel imports. Gift Mugano has never visited one lithium plant but he always wants to speak on Zimbabwe from an uninformed position. He throws around funny figures because he is out of touch with reality.

Look at the frequency of meetings between Zimbabwe and Mozambique through the Manhize plant.

You have people who say the country is toxic yet countries are coming onboard to invest. Within a year the President has led the country towards energy sufficiency through the commissioning of two power plants that will be supplying over 600MW.




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