Dzivarasekwa tuckshop owner loses US$3.6K to robbers
7 December 2023
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A businessman from Dzivarasekwa, Harare, lost US$3,600 which he was keeping in a safe at a tuckshop when armed robbers pounced on the tuckshop on the 5th of December 2023.

A police report seen by this publication states that the man was sleeping when two robbers armed with a pistol pounced on the tuckshop and attacked him before getting away with the cash and other valuables.

Read the report:

Police in Dzivarasekwa are investigating a case of robbery which occurred at a tuckshop in Nehanda, Dzivarasekwa Extension, Harare on 05/12/23 at around 0120 hours in which two unidentified male suspects armed with a pistol attacked a victim who was sleeping before stealing US$ 3 600 cash which was in a safe among other valuables.

The police are calling on anyone who has information about the crime to report it at the nearest police station.

Crime rates, such as armed robberies, theft, and murder, have been increasing for several years. Criminals use weapons like machetes, guns, iron bars, knives, or explosives. The situation has become so serious that there have been cases involving active and retired members of the police, army, and intelligence agencies.

The authorities advise people not to keep large amounts of money at home or in unsafe places to avoid being targeted by robbers.