Chiwenga Hunts Down Bedridden Ex-Wife
17 January 2024
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By Political Reporter- Vice President Constantino Chiwenga continues to press for the conviction of his bedridden ex-wife, Marry, by not withdrawing fraud and money laundering allegations against her. 

The case unfolded in a hospital where Marry has been admitted since January 11, 2024, with the proceedings observed from her hospital bed.

Unfortunately, news reporters were denied access to the hearing, but a High Court judge, Pisirayi Kwenda, arrived later to join the hearing, following Marry’s lawyer, Beatrice Mtetwa, and prosecutor Witness Mabhaudhi.

Mtetwa confirmed Marry’s serious illness, preventing her from standing trial, and stated that the matter had been postponed to February 14. 

The judge directed a government medical officer to prepare a medical report before the new hearing date.

Marry’s deteriorating health was emphasised by Mtetwa, who described her as constantly on heavy medication, with complications leading to a lack of blood circulation in both legs, similar to what happened to her amputated arm.

Fraud and Money Laundering Allegations:

Marry’s case, involving nearly US$1 million sent to China and South Africa in 2018, was moved to the High Court due to its complexity. 

Prosecutors allege that Marry used her drivers to transport $14,000 to China without proper procedures.

The accusations include instructing the managing director of her South African companies to create fake invoices for the purchase of goods, diverting funds to buy personal properties. 

Transactions involving CBZ and FNB accounts were flagged by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC), with seized properties by South African authorities.