Mnangagwa Celebrates Second Republic Achievements
2 February 2024
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State media

President Emmerson Mnangagwa, recently returned from the Italy-Africa summit in Rome, emphasizes the importance of Zimbabwe collaborating with international organizations to achieve food security.

International forums serve as platforms for governments to engage with relevant organizations, seeking solutions for economic growth.

Global attention has increasingly focused on partnerships with Africa, evident in developed nations’ efforts to engage African leaders in discussions on economic development and mutual cooperation.

During the two-day summit in Rome, Italy presented its strategic plan for Africa, highlighting energy, agriculture, and education as key areas for cooperation.

President Mnangagwa, among the attending African heads of state, highlighted the growing interest in working with the continent.

He emphasized that Africa, as a collective entity, is becoming crucial for serious developing countries like France and Spain.

Addressing Zimbabwe’s commitment to food security, the President outlined deliberate policies of the Second Republic.

These include climate-proofing the agriculture sector by expanding irrigation, constructing water bodies, and maximizing existing resources.

President Mnangagwa stressed the importance of collaboration with institutions like the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) to modernize agriculture and reclaim Zimbabwe’s status as a regional food basket.