Tshabangu By-Elections-Cop Killed At Polling Station
5 February 2024
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By Political Reporter- A Pfuapajena police station-based police detail was last Friday found dead near a by-election polling station.

The police, Elisha Munengerwa (35), had been deployed at Kaguvi Primary Polling station for the Surtady by-elections.

The controversial and self-imposed CCC interim secretary general Sengezo Tshabangu triggered the by-election.

According to a memo dated February 3, Munengerwa, of Pfupajena police station in Chegu, died upon admission at the hospital after being found with a deep cut on his left arm.

The case is being investigated under RRB 5785652.
Circumstances are that at around 3 am, an informant, Farai Chifodya, was sleeping in his tuck shop when he heard some groaning sounds outside his shop.

It is claimed that when he went to check what was happening, he found the deceased, who was lying down injured, and bleeding profusely.

Farai rushed to report the incident at ZRP Pfupajena.
The police were sent to attend the scene and, upon their arrival, they found out that he was one of their workmates.

The deceased was then ferried to Chegutu Hospital where he was pronounced dead upon arrival.

According to the memo, the deceased had a deep cut on his front left lower arm suggesting that it had been inflicted by a knife.

A spore of blood was seen stretching for about 100 metres from the place where the deceased was found.
It was also discovered that some struggle marks could be seen.