Man Allegedly Sets Fire to Sister-in-Law’s Vehicle in Revenge Plot
26 February 2024
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In a disturbing turn of events, Emmanuel Muzeza (40) is facing charges of maliciously damaging property after allegedly setting fire to his former sister-in-law’s vehicle in a vengeful act. Appearing before Harare regional magistrate Mr. Stanford Mambanje, Muzeza was remanded in custody to March 7th as investigations continue.

The feud between Muzeza and Ms. Nelliah Mandlokuwa (38) escalated to a dangerous level, stemming from Muzeza’s belief that Mandlokuwa played a role in his divorce from her younger sister. Tensions simmered between the two, reaching a boiling point when Muzeza, accompanied by accomplices Tafadzwa and Tichaona, purportedly executed a plan to seek revenge.

Reports indicate that on February 4th, in the dead of night, the trio allegedly armed themselves with a 2-liter container of petrol and unknown explosive material before proceeding to Mandlokuwa’s residence. With malicious intent, they set fire to her Nissan AD van, parked dangerously close to her bedroom window, causing extensive damage valued at US$6,500.

Mandlokuwa and her husband narrowly escaped harm as the flames threatened to engulf their home, forcing them to flee for safety. Shocked and shaken, Mandlokuwa recounts hearing a loud explosion before witnessing her car ablaze through the window.

Authorities were able to trace Muzeza’s movements through his mobile phone records, revealing discrepancies in his alibi. Despite purportedly being in Shurugwi, Muzeza’s phone signals placed him near the scene of the crime in Harare, leading to his arrest on February 21st.

“This is a despicable act of vengeance that endangered lives and caused significant damage,” stated a police spokesperson. “We will ensure that justice is served for the victims of this heinous crime.”

As the investigation unfolds, the community remains stunned by the brazenness of the alleged actions and awaits further developments in this troubling case.- state media