Zanu PF Pushes For Constitutional Amendments To Consolidate Power
24 March 2024
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By Political Reporter- The Zanu PF government has initiated steps to amend the constitution, signalling a shift in the country’s political landscape.

According to reports from state media sources, the ruling party is pursuing amendments aimed at restructuring the roles of key institutions, particularly the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC), to overhaul electoral processes.

Zanu PF’s intention to redistribute responsibilities from ZEC to the Civil Registry Department marks a pivotal move to enhance efficiency in electoral management.

However, critics argue that such changes could pave the way for the manipulation of election outcomes, as Zanu PF has been accused of utilizing electoral bodies to sway results in its favour.

Furthermore, there are plans to reconsider the allocation of delimitation duties, suggesting a return to a previous system where an independent commission handled electoral boundary delineation.

This proposed shift seeks to address administrative redundancies within ZEC and streamline electoral procedures.

Under the envisaged amendments, voter registration processes would be centralized under the Registrar-General’s Office.

This move, coupled with the automatic registration of first-time national identity card applicants as voters, aims to streamline the registration process while ensuring accuracy in voter rolls.

Moreover, the proposed amendments aim to expedite the removal of deceased individuals from the voters’ roll, following the issuance of death certificates.

Such measures are purportedly aimed at bolstering transparency and integrity in electoral processes.
These proposed changes, influenced by recommendations from Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) legislators, underscore a contentious political landscape.

The amendments, which require constitutional revisions, have sparked debate and raised concerns about potential ramifications for democratic principles.

The evolving political landscape in Zimbabwe underscores the complexities and tensions surrounding efforts to reform electoral systems and consolidate power.

As discussions around constitutional amendments unfold, the implications for the country’s democratic trajectory remain a subject of intense scrutiny.
-State Media