Chiwenga Issues Military-Style Directive To Road Companies Ahead of SADC Conference
26 March 2024
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By A Correspondent

As anticipation mounts for the upcoming Southern African Development Community (SADC) Summit scheduled for August, Vice President Constantino Chiwenga has issued a stern directive reminiscent of military command to road construction companies tasked with enhancing infrastructure leading to the New Parliament Building, the chosen venue for the prestigious event.

A government source revealed that Chiwenga, during an assessment tour of the projects on Monday, emphasized the critical need for expedited construction works to ensure that the roads are ready to meet the June deadline.

The New Parliament Building, set to host the SADC Summit, serves as a symbol of national pride and an embodiment of Zimbabwe’s commitment to regional cooperation and diplomacy.

Chiwenga’s directive underscores the government’s determination to showcase Zimbabwe’s capability to successfully host and facilitate international events of such magnitude.

The timely completion of road construction projects is essential not only for logistical purposes but also to demonstrate Zimbabwe’s readiness to welcome delegates from across the SADC region.

The directive also reflects Chiwenga’s characteristic leadership style, drawing parallels to his military background and penchant for decisive action.

By urging companies to expedite construction works, Chiwenga sends a clear message of accountability and urgency, emphasizing the importance of meeting deadlines and fulfilling commitments to national and regional obligations.

The road construction projects leading to the New Parliament Building are not merely infrastructure developments but represent a tangible manifestation of Zimbabwe’s dedication to fostering regional cooperation and integration.

As such, Chiwenga’s directive carries significant weight, highlighting the government’s unwavering commitment to ensuring the success of the SADC Summit and positioning Zimbabwe as a capable and reliable host.

With the June deadline looming, road construction companies are expected to redouble their efforts and deploy resources efficiently to meet the ambitious timeline set forth by Chiwenga.

The completion of these projects will not only facilitate the smooth flow of traffic during the SADC Summit but will also leave a lasting legacy of enhanced infrastructure for the benefit of all Zimbabweans.

As preparations for the SADC Summit intensify, the government’s focus on infrastructure development underscores its dedication to fostering regional cooperation and positioning Zimbabwe as a key player on the African continent.

Chiwenga’s military-style directive serves as a rallying cry for excellence and efficiency, ensuring that Zimbabwe’s hosting of the SADC Summit leaves a positive and lasting impression on the international stage.