Uebert Angel’s Miracle Gwanzura Stadium USD1200 Per Person
28 March 2024
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USD1200 per person charge

The self proclaimed “prophet” Eubert Angel who is charging USD1200 per person for lessons to perform miracles, paraded shiny yellow earthmovers (in pictures) at Gwanzura Stadium 2 yrs ago, promising to rehabilitate the facility.

In Feb 2022, Angel started renovating Gwanzura Stadium. “I shall hand over the stadium to the City Council when it is in the right shape to host CAF and FIFA matches,” he said.

He continued saying
“This shall be a mini Fnb Stadium. Just watch this space. We shall also work on the Machipisa Shopping Centre Footbridge.

“We are working on the playing surface right now and next is the stands. Bucket seats were purchased. We are thinking to demolish the whole structure. We shall see how it goes” added ‘Prophet’ Uebert Angel.

He then announced he has donated USD50,000.

Since then, the only change are two small toilets. 2 years later, we carry a review.

What happened?, asks Rizz Wafa. Brilliant Pongo