Prof Mugano Exposes More Hidden Facts About The Useless ZiG
19 April 2024
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By Business Reporter- Top Economist and renowned academic Professor Gift Mugano has bravely exposed the glaring truth behind the imminent collapse of the Zimbabwean Government’s (ZiG) newest currency, shedding light on the deceit and mismanagement plaguing the nation’s economic landscape.

Zimbabwe’s recent establishment of the ZiG was met with promises of prosperity and stability, yet it has quickly unravelled into a catastrophe of epic proportions. 

Just two weeks after its inauguration, the ZiG stands on the brink of collapse, leaving ordinary citizens grappling with the harsh realities of economic turmoil and uncertainty.

Despite government propaganda proclaiming the ZiG as the strongest currency in the region, the bitter truth cannot be concealed: it fails to even purchase fuel, a basic necessity for the nation’s survival. The blatant lies fed to the people only serve to deepen the betrayal felt by every Zimbabwean who dared to hope for a better future.

Professor Mugano, along with several esteemed economists, sounded the alarm long before the ZiG’s doomed launch, warning of the fundamental flaws and systemic weaknesses undermining its viability. 

Their pleas for rational economic policies and structural reforms fell on deaf ears as the government persisted in its reckless course of action.

In the wake of the ZiG’s inevitable demise, the government’s desperation has reached alarming levels. Instead of addressing the root causes of the crisis, they resort to authoritarian tactics, unleashing the police on vulnerable informal traders engaged in foreign currency transactions. 

This heavy-handed approach only serves to further oppress the very people struggling to survive in the face of economic collapse.

Here is what Proferssor Mugono said after Thursday the government announced to unleash the police on informal traders dealing with foregn currency:

Chief, I want ZiG to succeed hence the reason why I gave GOZ recommendations focused on creating demand for ZiG. Unfortunately, GOZ discarded them. I am sure you know that as an individual, I can’t stop Mr ZiG from succeeding. All I am doing here is to tell you the facts which are already in the public domain for those who have eyes. I am not by any chance aiming to be a hero. The economics of ZiG is not rocket science – anyone with basic understanding of the currency crisis in ZIM certainly knows that ZiG will fail. We know the reasons which led to currencies in Zimbabwe. The conditions haven’t changed (read my post without emotions). This is why we repeatedly say that ZiG will fail. One hopes that in the process GOZ will relook at our recommendations but alas they are sending Police after money changers. Police has no capacity to stop black market because currency trading is big business for the informal sector which is home to over 7 million people. Do you think that 


 can arrest 7 million people? This action by GOZ is not inspiring at all. This is why we are more than convinced that ZiG will fail. Mark this post.

Amidst this chaos and despair, Professor Gift Mugano emerges as a beacon of integrity and foresight.

 His unwavering commitment to truth and economic justice stands in stark contrast to the deceitful machinations of the government and its cronies. 

Professor Mugano’s warnings were not mere conjecture; they were based on sound economic principles and a genuine concern for the well-being of the Zimbabwean people.

As the nation grapples with the fallout of the ZiG’s downfall, let us heed the wisdom of voices like Professor Mugano’s, who have tirelessly advocated for accountability, transparency, and genuine progress.

 Only through genuine reform and a commitment to the common good can Zimbabwe hope to emerge from the shadows of corruption and incompetence cast by its leaders.