Mnangagwa Son Hijacks Zanu PF, Builds Offices 
24 April 2024
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By Political Reporter- One of President Emerson Mnangagwa’s sons, Collins, has seized control of political power in the Midlands province by contrasting a Zanu PF office in Shurugwi. 

Reports have emerged of Collins’ involvement in the construction of a Zanu PF office in Shurungwi, financed to the tune of US$150,000 through his company, Chen Xi Chengetai Investments, raising serious questions about the extent of political influence wielded by the Mnangagwa family.

Observers view this move as a blatant attempt to hijack the ruling party’s infrastructure in the mining town, consolidating control over key political territories. 

The timing of this construction, coupled with Collins’ deep ties to the Chinese-associated mining company funding the project, underscores concerns about the entanglement of political power and economic interests in Zimbabwe.

Midlands Provincial Affairs and Devolution Minister Owen Ncube has come under scrutiny for his endorsement of the project during its commissioning ceremony. 

Minister Ncube’s praise for Collins Mnangagwa’s company and his diversion from addressing allegations of corruption within the Mnangagwa family raise alarming questions about the integrity of Zimbabwe’s leadership and its commitment to combating graft.

Since assuming power following the ousting of the late President Robert Mugabe in a military coup, the Mnangagwa regime has faced mounting accusations of corruption and state capture. 

The construction of the Zanu PF office in Shurungwi serves as yet another glaring example of the unchecked influence wielded by the ruling elite, further exacerbating the plight of ordinary Zimbabweans grappling with economic hardship and political repression.

Calls for accountability and transparency resonate across Zimbabwe as citizens demand action against those responsible for the systemic plundering of the nation’s resources.

 With law enforcement agencies urged to take decisive action against perpetrators of corruption and violence, the spotlight now falls squarely on President Mnangagwa and his family, as allegations of corruption continue to tarnish the nation’s democratic credentials.

As Zimbabwe navigates a precarious path towards political and economic reform, the revelations surrounding Collins Mnangagwa’s involvement in the construction of the Zanu PF office cast a damning shadow over the prospects of genuine change and accountability in the country.