Wicknell Chivayo: I Was Almost Assaulted With A Hammer
1 May 2024
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Wicknell Chivayo Accuses Wife of Prostitution in Viral Audio Clip

By Showbiz Reporter | ZimEye| In a shocking revelation, a viral audio clip has surfaced featuring businessman Wicknell Chivayo accusing his wife, Sonja, of prostitution. Chivayo’s statement, directed towards his wife’s family, alleges disturbing claims about Sonja’s character and behavior.

In the audio clip, Chivayo is heard stating, “I don’t want your sorry… I don’t want to do or have anything to do with this woman… She has a spirit of mermaids, she has the spirit of prostitution.” The accusations stem from a series of events, including Sonja’s recent public announcement declaring the end of their relationship, claiming Chivayo desires the single life.

Chivayo’s frustration is palpable as he refuses any further communication with Sonja or her family, vehemently stating, “I don’t want to talk to the mother… I don’t want to have any meeting with her.” He expresses anger towards Sonja’s decision to air their grievances publicly on the internet rather than addressing them privately with family members.

The accused, Sonja Chivayo, has yet to respond to the allegations at the time of this report. However, the audio clip has sparked widespread speculation and controversy, leaving many questioning the dynamics of the couple’s relationship and the validity of Chivayo’s accusations.

As this story continues to develop, the public awaits further statements from both parties involved. Stay tuned for updates on this unfolding saga.- ZimEye