Wealth Built On Fraud: Simba Bhora Owner Slapped With A US$3 Million Lawsuit
9 May 2024
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By A Correspondent| Brighton Ushendibaba, director of Pan Jap motors, director and sponsor of Premier Soccer League outfit Simba Bhora is facing a US$3 Million lawsuit from a prominent Harare car dealer Walter Musengezi over an alleged motor vehicle fraud.

Musengezi accused Ushendibaba and his two companies which he owns; Pan Jap Motors and Forltune Investments (Pvt) Ltd of conning him his high-end vehicles.

The brief facts of the suit are that sometime around 2018, Ushendibaba approached Musengezi under the proposal that he was going to sell his high-end vehicles without storage fee.

Musengezi gave the Pan Jap boss 19 high-end vehicles to sell.

The vehicles included Range Rovers, Mercedes GLEs and Toyota Land Cruisers.

After selling the vehicles, Ushendibaba refused to pay Musengezi.

Musengezi indicated in his papers filed with the High Court: Commercial division, that Musengezi has not been paid a single cent from the deal.

Ushendibaba also had proposed that the two tycoons venture into the gold buying business.

Musengezi states that he gave Pan Jap US$ 221 000.00 (Two Hundred and Twenty-one Thousand United States Dollars) for the relevant licenses; permits and as well as the starting capital for the business.

Ushendibaba has strong ties with controversial businessman and Mabvuku legislator Scott Sakupwanya.

Musengezi further states the amount is still outstanding and no explanation has been offered by Ushendibaba on when he hopes to pay him.

Musengezi has not left a stone unturned in his quest to recover what is owed to him by dragging his erstwhile legal practitioner Tawanda Takaindisa of TK Takaindisa Law Chambers.

The lawyer has been called out for being unprofessional and unethical.

The lawyer, over the period stretching 4 years, has not been protecting his client’s best interests.

Allegations are that, Ushendibaba connived with the lawyer in a bid to thwart all hopes for the recovery of the monies owed.

It is alleged that Takaindisa has been on Ushendibaba’s pay roll and has altered a number of Musengezi’s documents to please and further the interests of the the paymaster.

Musengezi has already filed a complaint against his lawyer to the the Law Society of Zimbabwe.

Musengezi has also dragged business tycoon, Kudakwashe Tagwirei accusing him of purchasing the most vehicles.

According to papers filed by Musengezi, Ushendibaba has refused to pay him on the suspicious defence that Tagwirei has not paid for the vehicles.

The Defendants are yet to file their defence to the claim.

It has since emerged that Musengezi is out of the country after receiving threats of unspecified actions from Ushendibaba and Takaindisa.