Mutsvangwa Is Too Busy Serving Country, Says Dr Mavaza | FULL TEXT
17 May 2024
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BY DR. MASIMBA MAVAZA | Ambassador Mutsvangwa returned home today from Maputo, Mozambique. Despite the troubling rumors and issues surrounding him and his family, Ambassador Mutsvangwa has continued to serve his country commendably.

It is often said that those who truly value freedom are willing to sacrifice their lives for their country. This usually conjures images of brave acts in the face of enemy threats or perilous missions that demand the ultimate commitment, often leading to heroic yet tragic outcomes.

Cde Chris Mutsvangwa has managed to balance serving his country with addressing his son’s legal issues as a devoted family man and father. He has risen above all rumors, continuing to represent both his country and his president with distinction. Despite baseless rumors of a rift with the president, he has proven his detractors wrong by meeting with mutual friends and colleagues in Mozambique on party-related duties.

While in Maputo, Ambassador Christopher Mutsvangwa also worked on setting up commercial mechanisms to attract investments and promote unimpeded capital flow, enhancing cross-investment between the two sister nations. They are inspired by the post-Second World War Franco-German Union, which laid the groundwork for today’s European Union. Harare and Maputo are poised to refine and elevate this model to new heights of shared prosperity.

Although such sacrifices are often celebrated, the call to give one’s life for their country entails more than a heroic end. Cde Mutsvangwa has engaged in business, fostering cordial relations and promoting Zimbabwean interests. During his trip to Maputo, Ambassador Mutsvangwa met with high-ranking officials from FRELIMO and war veterans, participating in high-profile meetings for the nation’s benefit. He extended his best wishes to FRELIMO for a resounding electoral victory on October 7.

Ambassador Mutsvangwa has denied accusing Vice President Chiwenga of any wrongdoing. He stated, “Every member of our party sacrifices daily—some sacrifices are large, others small; some are deliberate, others instinctive—all for our great nation. I will not fall into a trap set by our enemies to create disturbances in our party.” Many of these dedicated individuals might not realize that they are indeed giving their lives for their country by sacrificing their comfort, families, and personal lives to put ‘Service before Self.’ This selflessness is crucial for the success of both our military and our nation.

This epitome of service is a fundamental element of “followership.” Despite current concerns, which will eventually be resolved, in ZANU PF we understand that our country needs individuals who are ready to lead and make sacrifices to maintain peace and preserve our liberty and freedom. Commenting on the bravery shown by Mutsvangwa in dealing with personal challenges, Dr. Matambo, a political commentator, said, “Mutsvangwa is a hero. By persisting in the face of adversity, he writes a narrative of bravery, competence, and sacrifice, which are incredibly relevant in today’s service to the nation.”

The fact that the Mutsvangwa family works tirelessly without resentment demonstrates their unconditional dedication. Both would have readily given their lives for their nation. Moreover, they continue to serve by mentoring the current generation of Zimbabweans and contributing their time and talents to the nation.

Followership and sacrifice are qualities exemplified by Ambassador Mutsvangwa as he represents the president despite any challenges. Zimbabwe benefits daily from the sacrifices of numerous citizens. Ambassador Mutsvangwa, embracing the same ethos of serving others before himself, is a testament to this. Dr. Matambo noted, “By engaging in national and party affairs, the Mutsvangwas are, unequivocally, prepared to lay down their lives for their country while also supporting their son and letting the law take its course.”

Cde Mutsvangwa’s dedication to ‘Service before Self’ clearly shows that commitment and sacrifice are qualities embedded in the Mutsvangwa family daily. His recent trip to Mozambique also aimed to reignite the spirit of national defense, liberation, and glorification, calling upon individuals to make sacrifices out of loyalty, sometimes even to the extent of giving their lives for the nation.