Rwandise Gunned-Down In Harare
20 May 2024
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By Political Reporter – A Rwandan national has been killed by a suspected fellow countryman in Harare in what is believed to be an assassination orchestrated by agents of Paul Kagame’s regime in Kigali.

Samuel Habimana, of 2071 Mainway Meadows, was killed on Friday after returning home around 10 pm.

 Gunmen, armed with an AK-47 and a pistol, broke his door, stormed into the kitchen, and shot him in the neck, killing him instantly.

The brutal murder occurred in front of his son, wife, and house help. 

The house help was the first to spot four men lying in wait for Habimana and alerted the family, who tried to secure themselves and raise the alarm.

 However, the assailants, wearing face masks, swiftly broke the door with a claw bar before carrying out the killing.

A report was made to the police, and investigations are ongoing. 

The Zimbabwe Republic Police had not released a statement on the incident at the time of writing. 

However, a member of the Rwandan community told Review & Mail that the incident was a terror attack linked to Kigali, where President Paul Kagame’s regime has been targeting opponents abroad for elimination, causing diplomatic tensions with countries such as South Africa.

“This was an assassination,” the source said. “They did not take anything from the house where he had some US$3000, but only took away the CCTV recording device.”

Habimana operated a transport business and had recently opened a grocery shop in Harare. 

Sources described him as a well-loved member of the community, which now lives in fear. 

It also emerged that Kagame’s regime is targeting nationals from other East African countries, namely the Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi.

Rwanda is conducting military operations in Eastern DRC, which the international community has condemned.

 Sources revealed that Rwanda has been sending spies into Zimbabwe to locate Kagame’s opponents, attracting the interest of Zimbabwean security services, who are part of the ongoing investigation.

One source mentioned that security services were aware of Kigali’s activities, ironically, at a time when relations between Zimbabwe and Rwanda are growing.

The incident is likely to raise diplomatic tensions, especially as Zimbabwe is set to assume the chairmanship of the SADC regional body in August. 

SADC is currently grappling with the security situation in Eastern DRC, where Rwanda sponsors rebels, destabilising the region.

“We cannot prevent Zimbabwe from having good relations with Rwanda, but we are happy that the security services know what is going on and have been assisting us whenever we call them,” a source said. 

“They know what they are doing,” the source added.

Over the years, attempts on the lives of some Rwandan community members have been foiled by a combination of state intelligence and the community’s vigilance. 

Information gathered by this publication suggests that Zimbabwe has intercepted and deported spies from Kigali.

Rwandan refugees have been in Zimbabwe for over 30 years, and the community is estimated to comprise over 2000 families.

Source: Review & Mail