Tinashe Mugabe Walks Out on DNA Show Amid Couple’s Reluctance to Open Up
20 May 2024
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By A Correspondent| Social media sensation Tinashe Mugabe found himself in a predicament during a recent episode of his DNA show when a couple, embroiled in a paternity dispute, appeared reticent to disclose crucial details.

Renowned for his candid approach in resolving such disputes, Mugabe attempted to coax information from the couple, only to be met with apparent amnesia.

Frustrated by their reluctance to cooperate, Mugabe made the bold decision to exit the scene, questioning the couple’s sincerity in seeking resolution.

“It’s fine, why did you reach out if you’re unwilling to communicate? You should have clarified your intentions beforehand. Adopting a dismissive attitude won’t yield any results,” remarked Mugabe before departing, leaving the couple to ponder their actions.

In response, the female participant attempted to shift blame onto the alleged father, also named Tinashe.

Mugabe, however, remained steadfast in his stance, urging them to return when they were prepared to engage in a constructive dialogue.