Reports Says Chivhayo Now Banned From Visiting Mnangagwa
17 June 2024
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By A Correspondent| In a startling development, Wicknell Chivayo, the controversial businessman, has been banned from entering the State House with immediate effect.

Reliable sources from State House disclosed to a Masvingo based publication that Chivayo, once a frequent visitor, is now prohibited from accessing the presidential residence.

Security personnel have been explicitly instructed to deny Chivayo entry.

This move follows the circulation of audio recordings on social media, purportedly of Chivayo, in which he claims to have “captured” President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

These audio leaks have caused significant uproar and prompted swift action from the authorities.

According to the sources, Chivayo previously enjoyed special privileges, such as being exempt from routine security searches when entering State House. However, the recent controversy has led to a complete reversal of this leniency.

The exact reasons behind the special treatment initially accorded to Chivayo remain unclear, but his current ban marks a significant shift in his standing with the State House.

In a related development, an influential female official associated with the MenBelievED movement has also reportedly been banned alongside Chivayo.

The official’s identity has not been disclosed, but her involvement suggests a broader crackdown following the audio leak incident.