Men Bashed For Using Fake USDs


Terrence Mawawa, Beatrice | The adage a hungry man is an angry man aptly sums up an incident in which three Harare men were severely bashed by an angry crowd after they tried to use fake money to buy groceries.

Spencer Chakaedza of Waterfalls, Freedom Chipanga of Maridale, Norton and Elisha Muusha of Chitungwiza were assaulted on Monday by residents of Gilston Shops Beatrice, after they attempted to use a fake $100 note to buy groceries.

The three were also found in possession of more $1100 fake US notes. The incident happened around 2pm on the day when Chakaedza attempted to buy grocery items at a local supermarket using the fake note.

He left his two colleagues in a red Toyota Hilux, registration number AAP 6439. On discovering the fake note the shopkeeper alerted residents of the area who searched the trio’s vehicle and discovered $1100 fake notes.

The three were severely assaulted by the angry mob and they sustained serious head injuries. “Chakaedza tried to run away from the scene but he was quickly apprehended by the mob.The three were thoroughly beaten up after being found in possession of $1100 fake notes.The three sustained serious head injuries after the incident.”

“Chakaedza was in a critical condition because he was severely assaulted after attempting to flee from the scene,”said an eyewitness. Acting Mashonaland East Police Spokesperson Assistant Inspector Tendai Mwanza was not immediately available for a comment.

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