UK businessman Fungwa Mawarire goes into hiding


Bradford(ZimEye)A controversial UK based Zimbabwean businessman crept into a hideout, cutting off communication lines for many months after failing to fulfill a motor vehicle purchase order for a close relative of Foreign Minister Simbarashe Mumbengegwi.

Fungwa Mawarire who doubles as a shipment agent and an artists’ promoter, has even confessed that it is his general practice to cut off from everyone whenever he gets into trouble.

Mawarire who also owes singing legend Oliver Mtukudzi thousands of pounds, revealed his dark activities:

“When I have problems – I cut-off everyone, my mother included,” he told his client, who cannot be named for ethical reasons, and who ended up trying to reach him through his mother.

In the UK diaspora community, Mawarire has for years been known as a promoter for musicians and artists through his so called Zim Township company which on the sidelines also trades in shipping goods to Zimbabwe and several years after he failed to pay Tuku thousands of pounds in contracted amounts, Foreign Minister Simbarashe Mumbengegwi’s family was not spared his cunning machinations.

His client intended to purchase through him a Toyota Avensis 2006 model last year October.

ZimEye has exclusive evidence showing Mawarire received cash in full GBP4 654.00 early in October 2011, and upon receiving sent out an inappropriate reply which contained a shreaky laugh typed out as:
Hello Mbuya
I can confirm the money has now been received in my account……..
Ko imwe ichauya riini?? ha ha ha ha

When contacted by ZimEye, Mawarire claimed to be unaware of several messages left on his voice answering machine for many months.

But after we presented evidence proving that he was lying, he later changed and admitted being at fault and began claiming that the matter was a private matter between him and his “ambuya” relation, a claim his relative says is totally false.

Nine months after paying her thousands, Mawarire’s client has now been told as of April to pay an extra £500 in order to receive the vehicle.

The businessman even lied claiming his business website had no contact form for 2 years. But several messages were channeled to him which dramatically he now claims ignorance of.

The battle to receive her vehicle continues.

This is not the first time complaints have been received of the businessman, and in July 2006 a Bradford celebration function flopped after South African Kwaito star Mdu did not show up a show as promised with Mawarire being blamed for fiddling with arrangements which left fans in disappointment, with legend radio journalist Ezra Sibanda later labeling Mawarire a “crafty character”. (ZIMBABWE, ZimEye)

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  • pedro

    Low profile


    nxha, this Mutare geek I know him from Lancashire, he giggles his dirty teeth out but always avoids the cameras. it would not surprise me if he is that former village herdboy Chando Kupusa or his clan man. All Mthwakazians are aware of his ZANU schemes nxa!

  • MaShona behaviour loot n hide

  • Dr Red Orange

    Naked watanga futi nhasi? Haugute mupengo wako here mufana? Uyahlanya wena!

  • I will not be be dragged into this mess of mdc sellouts.

  • Murigamombe-ex c.i.o

    Ngauye kuno tinoswera tamupisa pasi petsoka.kwete zvana mupengo Naked brains nedzimwe imbwa sungata dzinomutsigira.

  • son of a gun

    imbavha isina yakapusa.

  • Bla Miki

    Ugly scenes by the mdc traitors abroad. They ran out of this country leaving behind several cases pending in court. They were received with open arms by the British after false claims of torture, abductions, detentions, murder and all sorts of evils labelled against Zanu Pf. The British gave them assylums and now their true colours are coming out.pedzeranai ikoko

  • Fungwa?????????? Dayson aripi nhai.. Shuwa kuinda mhiri kunoba ah ndanyara fani. Mudhara Whinhi akanzwa kuti ndozvamavekuita ikoko mmmmm he wnt be amused. Ipai vanhu mari dzavo unless makuita zve MDShiiti.

  • Cedric Sibanda

    This is typical of a thieving shona savage! These shona savages on this forum like Bla Miki keep forgetting that zanu & mdc are one! He calls them traitors – we know that already you useless idiot, because all traitors are shona speaking! Look at Bla Miki’s shona brothers who opened all these banks then stole the depositors funds and ran off to China, Europe and South Africa. Do we need to keep reminding you, you spineless cuntroach! They are shonas! They are ALL thieves!They are ALL looters & plunderers! They must carry on with their thieving ways! Shona on Shona – I am enjoying it all from the sidelines!!!!

  • Cedric Sibanda

    Xolani, not even if you paid me US$10 million would I run for President. “ALL” Zimbabwean politicians are thieves, liars, plunderers, looters & scum – Tsvangarai included!!! BUT! I tell you what, I will volunteer to be at the controls of the “Drone”! AND! Guess who would be my first target – these are the co-ordinates of his mansion and I will keep you guessing… 17*43’12″ S 31*9’3″E. I will get more satisfaction knowing that those particular thieving occupants of that chinese built house no longer exist. In fact, they would be dust particles! Wait & see….

  • God save this nation. What has come over these Shona People. At some point they appeared to have been doing well economically, but ho!!! they were busy thieving: Access to Capital, Trust bank, Genesis Bank, Century bank,Altfin bank,ZABG bank,Time bank…..oh the list is endless, Boka’s bank, what was it called by the way? Frankly guys, you Shonas, its time you acnowledged that Zimbabwe has other tribes that can partner you and stem this tide of destruction.

  • Dirk

    Something not making sense in this story. why is the complainant not being named? Those of us who know Fungwa and the Minister, can confirm they are related. So who is this unnamed party? Is he in hiding or you are trying to drive him into hiding? Story appears malicious and unbalanced

  • Dirk

    @ Tsano, Dayson is late. RIP

  • Sekuru

    Mfana kana wanga usingazivi, ukaravidza mbuya unenge watopinda jere kusvika ufe. Hezvo now she divorces you in public. Does she look old or did you stop giving her? ma speaker ese pazhe! Makaranga ma rubbish evanhu

  • Mafirakureva

    Ethical reasons? Is that a way of saying Small House? Spooky

  • mkandabhutsu

    imbavha muface uyu wese na********.nxa!

  • @Dirk thank you. Shame RIP Dayson. Fungwa bgaasatinyadzisa nekuita zvisina basa.

  • Savage

    This is a funny circle, his other uncle Tavepi Madzingira hung up boots on when he had finished stealing from people’s drums! Noone ever sent a drum with grocery and was delivered intact. And now this

  • Samaita

    Let this be a lesson & wisdom to you Fungwa. There are people, relatives for that matter, who are good at manipulating other people and situations. We tried to warn you about your dealings with Clifford Mumbengegwi but you were too blinded by your loyalty to your sekuru. Now his wife is skinning you and he puts Simba’s name on the front! Open your eyes Fungwa