Mnangagwa Threatens To Name National Funds Looters
14 December 2017
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By Langton Ncube| President Emmerson Mnangagwa has threatened to name and shame people who externalized money out of the country.

Addressing his Zanu-PF Central Committee meeting on Thursday Mnangagwa repeated that these people and corporate should to do the right thing and return the funds they externilised.

“I did not say that without knowledge l have the names,” he said.

“ I have a list of who took money out and in March those who have not heeded my three months grace period of returning what they externalised, I will name and shame,”said Mnangagwa.

Three days after his inauguration last month,  Mnangagwa said he was giving  a three-month amnesty to  all the companies and individuals who had externalised funds to return the money with no fear of prosecution.