FRESH DETAILS – Acie Lumumba Appears At Harare Central Police Station, Freed
9 March 2018
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LIVE report follows.

Acie Lumumba

Staff Reporter| Controversial politician and socialite Acie Lumumba was on Friday reported to have been arrested. Social media ports were awash with reports of his “arrest” which sources claimed happened at the Harare International (RGM) Airport by the airport security.

“He has definitely been arrested,” one of the impeccable sources claimed to ZimEye.

ZimEye managed to track down Lumumba to establish the facts after many impeccable sources obstinately maintained their hold on the reports.

ZimEye caught up with Lumumba at around 8.30pm (Zim time) via phone. ZimEye established that of a truth Lumumba was called in for questioning at Harare Central Police station on Friday afternoon.

Lumumba told’s Simba Chikanza he was a free man following the brief police grilling. Somewhat consistent with the rumours, the matter has to do with an airport matter which ZimEye cannot disclose in full at present.

“I was not arrested, I was simply called for questioning and the matter is over,” he insisted to ZimEye.

The case being investigated by the police happened about two weeks ago, ZimEye was told.

ZimEye questioned him on charges made against him by the police but he insisted saying there were no charges at all; it was just some questioning, the matter where I was asked to explain …  … … [REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED]”

LIVE report follows.


Meanwhile aside Friday’s matter, Lumumba was conspicuous soon after the coup that removed Robert Mugabe last November. He became further prominent when he came out supporting convicted fraudster Wicknell Chivayo. He then began announcing training sessions for youths on Wicknell Chivayo’s behalf. – ZimEye