Reuben Barwe Allegedly Switched Off Cameras Before Bombing And He Then Pushed ED To Blame Matebeleland People For It
27 June 2018
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  • Is Reuben Barwe a G40 mole? 


  • Special footage crucial to expose the criminals behind the bombing is missing

By Ndaba Nhuku | Military intelligence and some senior government officials have fingered top ZBC team leader, Reuben Barwe for failing his duty and task at the fateful Bulawayo White City stadium rally last Saturday. This also comes at a time when journalists named Barwe as an alleged G40 implant, (see tweets below) and publisher Trevor Ncube also denounced him.

Special footage crucial to expose the criminals behind the bombing of president Emmerson Mnangagwa is missing, while there were more than 5 digital cameras pointed at all angles during the rally function running into the hot few minutes into the explosion. – CONTINUE READING

But during the last 8 seconds, footage was somewhat switched off, it has emerged and the only cameras left milling their task were casting onto the social networking website, Facebook’s streaming servers. More disappointment has emerged after it was noted that the core irises were all pointed at the stage area and none was tilted towards the spot where the bomber carried their act.

As the bomb exploded during the last 10 seconds, where was the melodious man, the great who is well know for screaming his own name, Reuuuuuuuben? He was nowhere to be seen, only to resurface on camera at President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s state house residence where he was filmed repeating statements journalists have said were clear leading statements attempting to push the Head Of State to blame the people of Matebeleland for the bombing incident. The below is what he said:


The LIVE footage that is only available, one of two, shows a grenade look-alike object clearly flying in human hand swung motion towards the area where Vice President Constantino Chiwenga was about to disembark.

” By now we should have concluded on the arrests but ZBC has failed us, they had all the cameras,” said a source who is close to the investigations.

I have over the last 4 days battled getting Barwe to respond but his phone is failing.


Meanwhile calls have continued rising calling for him to be disciplined with journalist and senior media practitioners slammed him for behaving like a tribalist shortly after the bombing.