Mohadi Twists His Axe Matter Against Ex-Wife, Claims Wife Is The One Who Wanted To Kill Him
21 April 2019
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Tambudzani Mohadi, left, marvels at a hug by Vice President Constantino Chiwenga’s wife.

Vice-President Kembo Mohadi is reportedly seeking to turn the tables against his former wife, Tambudzani Mohadi, whom he is now accusing of being the aggressor.

Mohadi, who was recently accused of using an axe to break down doors at the former family house and threatening to kill his ex-wife, last week reportedly approached the Harare Civil Courts seeking a protection order against Tambudzani, whom he accused of harassment and threatening him.

The matter is expected to be heard on April 23.

But Senator Mohadi has reportedly challenged the application on the basis that her former husband’s purported signature on the court document was forged.

Yesterday Senator Mohadi was not reachable for comment, but one of her daughters said she found it difficult to believe her father, VP Mohadi, was voluntarily capable of behaving in the violent manner that he reportedly did.

“It’s not him. He is someone we know. He is being pushed,” said the daughter.

Meanwhile, Tambudzani has registered displeasure at the manner in which police officers in Beitbridge handled the case where she was reportedly attacked by VP Mohadi.

The VP has not been charged for the alleged violent attack on his ex-wife despite the fact that more than two dozen police officers were reportedly present at the scene of the crime and witnessed the VP in that fit of rage.

Police sources in Beitbridge said Tambudzani was unhappy that “police let a person commit a crime while they watched” and were still to press criminal charges.

Officer commanding Beitbridge Police District Chief Superintendent Tichaona Nyongo confirmed having met the Beitbridge Senator, but did not disclose details of their meeting.

“She came to have her statement signed at the station and as a public official, I took the chance to meet her. We had a small meeting, but I cannot disclose the details. You have to go through the usual communication channels,” Nyongo said yesterday.

It is, however, understood the government was embarrassed by the reports from Beitbridge and the police had been instructed to get detailed reports of the incident in the border town.

Some senior female Zanu PF members are said to have registered deep concern and unhappiness with what they believed was humiliation of Senator Mohadi, who is also a senior member of the ruling party.

Mohadi reportedly ran amok and took up an axe to hack the doors of his former wife’s residence, a government house situated at 108 Impala Drive in Beitbridge where the two lived as a couple before their divorce was granted this year.

This reportedly happened in full view of at least 25 policemen, including the officer in charge of Beitbridge Police Station, Inspector Kenneth Mushongahande.

Mohadi also reportedly ordered that three vehicles be towed away from the premises before threatening his wife with a firearm and poking her with an iron bar.

With her vehicles taken away, Senator Mohadi was left grounded at home after the incident. She refused to make a police report, saying police had witnessed everything and should simply compile a criminal docket against her former husband.

Mushongahande yesterday said he sent police officers to record statements from Senator Mohadi but she allegedly turned them away.

“I felt someone neutral should record the statement. I was at the scene, but someone neutral would bring out facts,” he said.

“Such reports are taken to Harare where decisions are made, that is all I can say.”