10 July 2019
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Opinion By Dr Masimba Mavaza| Former president Mugabe once said of Lovemore Madhuku “that once he is broke, he provokes the law enforcement so that when he is arrested his sponsors will vilify Zimbabwe and consequently pour money to his pocket organisation which will eventually get into his pocket. It was rightfully named the Madhuku strategy.”

This is the syndrome which has gripped the broke MDC and are doing everything they can to provoke the law enforcement into action and then they cry human rights. This will make them get a high pay cheque at the expense of the Nation.

They are desperately finding a reason to be arrested and tarnish the name of Zimbabwe.
It is not by coincidence that the Sky News flighted by night a damaging article on Zimbabwe featuring the Rural Teachers Association of Zimbabwe.

It is not a different song which the misguided MDC youth sang on calling for removal of the Zimbabwean government through illegal means. Then Job the political wonderer coined it up when he presided over an MDC Alliance rally in Bikita.

It is a total surprise that MDC is distancing itself from the treasonous statements by Job Sikhala.

One should remind the MDC that what is said on its official business is deemed to have been said by them. To ditch the folk tongued Sikhala at this stage shows that the MDC A can not stand by its own. One is reminded of Chamisa when he called MDC members stupids for standing ip for his cause. The speech by Job exposes MDC A as a violent party which is power hungry which can do anything and everything to gain power. This attitude of the MDC singles them out to be mercenaries and enemies of the state and the nation.

Zimbabwe has presided over the fall of Opposition political class. We now have a power hungry violent outfit masquerading as opposition.

From the day Chamisa stole the MDC leadership opposition is failing and our political system is collapsing.

Chamisa went further to gather all the rebells and drafted them to his side. These are the people who would not have seen a dY in MDC if Tsvangirai was alive.

The Opposition has lost its meaning since the demise os Tsvangirai. The Opposition’s main role is to question the government of the day and hold them accountable.

Opportunities for scrutinising the policies and administration of the Government are provided in parliament.

Members of the Opposition who are members of parliamentary committees have a further opportunity to scrutinise new legislation as part of the committee process.

The Opposition also utilises the media to reach the electorate with its views and to establish an identity as an alternative government. It is wrong for any opposition to Advocate for the removal of the constitutionally elected government by force.
The speech by Job Sikhala was job badly done.

The Opposition wants to present itself as a Government in waiting. It does this mostly through the media and by campaigning in the constituencies but Parliament is also an important forum for this. The opposition therefore play a role in criticising Government  policy when there are disagreements between the parties,  for example in reply to Ministerial statements and in debates on legislation. It proposes motions and amendments to legislation and is able to get these debated. Other opposition parties are also able to criticise the government and move amendments.
Parliament is part of the general debate between Government and Opposition that takes place between general elections and helps to establish the credibility of the Opposition.  However MDC has no clue of its functions as an apposition party.

Chamisa has transformed opposition to be an entity which creates division, and their concern is often on national splits and challenges the government and mistakes by ministers rather than what the debate between the Government and Opposition is actually about.

Opposition is supposed to put its case through Parliamentary debate. But Chamisa has become known for preaching hardships and problems for the nation. He actually takes pride in throwing spanners in the engine of the economy. He has not stopped to boast about how his actions have brought Zimbabwe to its knees.

Then his disciple war lord Sikhala raises stench and vomits treason.
In a normal situation any opposition leader who lobbies for sanctions and prays for poverty against his own people would be charged of treason. His actions are diabolic and evil. Worse still a leader who calls for the removal of the government by force must be charged without any excuse. Job Sikhala has to be charged of treason as soon as possible.

The Opposition political system used to be seen as one of the wonders of the world. Max Weber, the great German sociologist, gave a seminal lecture on “The Profession and Vocation of Politics” in Munich.

Speaking in the chaotic and revolutionary aftermath of the First World War, he expressed his admiration for the Opposition system and the way its politicians and officials managed to maintain prosperity and stability while allowing a working democracy to was reputed around the world as the cradle of democracy, tolerance and downright decency. No longer. Chamisa has made opposition politics look like really war.

Chamisa’s immature behaviour has led to the complete collapse of our political system. It is painful to see people engaged in real civil wars pitying us for the deep division in the country and the inability of our political leaders to resolve it. We have watched with bewilderment, despair and exasperation as the opposition politics degenerate into war situation in Zimbabwe.

We have gone from being the most stable country in Africa to one of the least, from a country governed by a broad pragmatic consensus to a society divided into two doctrinaire camps and from a government that managed crises well to political leaders who can’t even control their own parties. Worst of all we have gone from a relatively civilised and tolerant political discourse to violence on our streets directed at people who are actually in power.
Job Sikhala has used a rally in Bikit to threaten the government. Action has to be taken against him. The law must fully coil around his lip and show others how peaceful se are.

Zimbabwe needs a progressive opposition.

All what we have heard by Chamisa is that he will work against the nations yet he wants to lead the same people he is punishing. Now his trusted thug Job Sikhala declares war on the government.

It is easy to hate ED without a reason. This is because the economy is struggling and people are really in trouble. But we need to see the big picture.

Opposition now operates as armed rebels. Having tried the ballot box now they are using the economy which they are sabotaging. They celebrate any suffering caused by their actions. Instead of coming up with ideas to improve the economy they actually campaign against it. They have taken their shenanigans to another level. They are now calling for an unlawful removal of the government.

So the jecha brigade are not progressive their actions are talking evil. Now they are talking war.

Sikhala’s statements must be condemned and he must be charged of treason.

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